Month: August 2021

What are the advantages of block chain + e-commerce?

The online shopping is convenient, complete, saving time and effort. It has become a lifestyle that people can’t change, bringing a lot of convenience, but there are also some problems that plague consumers. Counterfeit goods, quality problems cannot be supervised Counterfeit goods are a line of online and offline economic phenomena. However, after communication through […]

How will cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain three people define the future of modern technology?

The importance of data in modern technology is not to be underestimated; because there are so many services and products, there are many reasons and channels for collecting users or corporate data. The company uses data to improve customer experience, and inside requires effective data accumulation to maintain recording and efficient operation. When we call […]

Can the loop reward improve the therapeutic effect of African AIDS patients?

On November 1st, the block chain Medical Ecosystem and Masindemuliro University of Technology announced that they have obtained the approval of the Ethics Committee and the National Committee to launch this study. They will jointly conduct a five-year AIDS study in Kakameg County, Kenya, and then promoted to other parts of the country. This […]

The encrypted industry is accelerating crash, what should I do?

key point Encrypted currency market plummeted, leading encrypted currency has fallen half of the value since November. It is important to panic because these types have been previously occurred. Focus on the long-term potential and causes you initially invest in encrypted currency. For the encrypted monetary industry, this year is not a good start. Bitcoin […]

Report: 42% of multinational companies use block chains as financial instruments

Go-up financial solution has changed the payment pattern, providing a new vision of seamless transnational expansion for multinational companies and companies that are interested in launch new global initiatives. In fact, multinational companies have a lot of encryption currency and block chains. According to the “Encrypted Currency, Block Chain and Transnational Payment Report”, the main […]

What is the scam of the encrypted market, how often is they?

Compared with traditional investment, the price fluctuations are significantly larger, and the basic technology is growing. Potential investors may be difficult to understand what they are buying and what they should be in their investment strategies. All of these confuses have created a perfect environment for the operation of fraudulent, posing reliable encrypted currency companies […]

US Federal Regulatory Agency means that credit cooperatives can cooperate with encrypted monetary providers

US National Credit Cooperative Authority (NCUA) announced on Thursday that Federal Insurance Credit Cooperatives (FICU) can work with third-party digital asset service providers. “This includes promoting the relationship between members and third parties, allowing FICU members to purchase, sell and hold a variety of unsupported digital assets from third-party providers other than FICU,” according to […]

South Korea’s encrypted tax payment and remained another year

On November 29, the representative of the Korean Legislature Congress Tax Subcommittee has reached a two-party agreement. I passed a amendment that may postpone encrypted currency tax. If the amendment is passed on the Parliament meeting on December 2, taxation will begin on January 1, 2023, rather than the previous plan for 2022. This may […]

Thai central bank plans to introduce detailed regulations on encryption supervision next year

Thailand Central Bank (BOT) plans to make comprehensive legislation on the digital asset industry in January next year. These rules will be designed to reduce the risk of financial networks, providing greater protection for investors. Encrypted currency cannot be a means of payment At recently accepted “Bangkok Post” interview, Thailand’s central bank governor sethaputsuthiwartNaruePut said […]

Can Bitcoin play its role as a trading currency?

In an interview recently received CNBC Squawk Box, Galaxy Digital CEO (CEO) Michaelnovogratz was published as a future of comparison as an asset. This CEO believes that with more and more institutions flood into this area, the volatility of the asset will become smaller and smaller, and pointed out that this is already in happening. […]