Month: September 2021

District block chain technology will innovate advertising industry?

Fraud, lack of transparency and user trust are three most common questions related to digital advertising. However, with the development and expansion of block chain technology in social media advertising, the opportunity of advertising fraud is decreasing. Social network based on the block chain allows digital advertisers to more accurately track KPI and advertising impression, […]

Tesla reported in the fourth quarter of the Bitcoin remained unchanged

This electric car manufacturer said in the third quarterly income report that Tsla (TSLA) was maintained unchanged compared to the end of the last quarter, $ 1.26 billion in the final quarter. Tesla did not buy any bitcoin this quarter, nor did any impairment of the value of Bitcoin held, because from the end of […]

In 2022, what influence will be brought to the market in 2022

Today we have inventory for the regulatory policies of several countries that have a large influence in the area of ??the encryption, and the insight is that the 2022 regulatory will change to the encrypted market …… United States As of mid-February 202, the US encryption regulatory policy did not change, but from the implementation […]

Trends in Financial Science and Technology in 2022: Encrypted Currency and Block Chains Future

There is no doubt that the block chain is one of the most transformed technologies in the world. Although it is popular due to the success of Bitcoin, people now know that there are many applications in block chain technology. The online community and the data of the block chain and encrypted currency have unveiled […]

Chairman SEC acknowledges that Bitcoin is a competitor of the Bank of China.

Bitcoin has proven to be a long-term game, which means that countries cannot neglect the impact of encrypted currency on the economy. One way of responding to this is through regulations. Although some countries have implemented a lawful law, other countries have already tried to prevent digital assets. The United States tends to latter. The […]

What is the role in the supply chain technology?

One of the biggest selling points of block chain technology is its invariance, which promotes the value from financial services to health care. Any information stored on a classified account cannot be changed, so the technology is ideal for saving any product of any product that is distributed through the supply chain. Make sure the […]

Serbia will issue the first batch of encrypted currency licenses in a few weeks.

The three encrypted currency exchanges have applied for licenses in Serbia, and Serbia has recently passed the legislation of the supervision of their digital asset space. The Belgrade government expects that these companies will be authorized for a few weeks, and provide legal trading to the Serbian selection. Encrypted trading platform and Currency publishers apply […]

Deep concern ح Digital RMB: Curve Overrage

At the staff of Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, employees pay the digital RMB “hard wallet”. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Ying “There is always an opportunity to try advanced technology in China. I am very willing to try the digital RMB!” I learned that the Beijing Winter Olympics will drive the digital […]

How to help solve the demand for green finance in Asia?

With the deterioration of the climate crisis, governments and organizations are increasingly putting green finance as a way to raise funds for sustainable projects and infrastructure. However, although the investment in the industry is increasing, green finance is killed by low efficiency and irregularity, making it impossible to solve the huge funds needed for the […]