Month: September 2021

How to make the block chain become a new economic engine?

The block chain industry seems to be unique, novel and crazy, but over time, the evolution model of the new industry is amazing. Here we can recall California gold fever, global oil prosperity or the rise of the Internet. Each of these economic subversive has seen similar patterns. First, from the speculation to the substantial […]

Iran is suspended authorized to encrypt the currency mining center only because of the short energy of winter

In the peak of summer power demand in history, Iran has implemented temporary comprehensive ban on encrypted mining. With the increase in winter energy consumption in Iran, the local energy department decided to suspend the operation of the encrypted currency mining center. Mostafa Rajabimashhadi, Chairman and Director of Tavanir, announced that with the decline of […]

How to subvert the traditional real estate industry?

A report of Grant Thornton Bharat said that there is a major topic of the block chain and art intelligence (AI) is the main topic of the real estate industry, because many digital dominant transformations will be seen in the next few years. The study pointed out that new crown epidemics and continuously propeline space […]

This enters the “key” of the Yuan universe, is it reliable?

In the future, we need to be identified by the identity of the value of the figures in the Yuancai, and the value created in the metamorphic identity. More specifically, the Yuan Cosm is implemented in the “identity system” and “value system” in the elements, which relies on the block chain technology. Virtual currency is […]

Russian National Financial Association calls for legalization of encrypted currency investment

The Russian major financial industry association has urged the authorities to re-consider the position against Encrypted monetary investment in the national financial market strategy. The organization insists that Russians’ encrypted currency investment should not be prohibited. Financial industry urges government supervision encrypted asset business According to the “Russian News” (Prime “(Prime) reported that the Russian […]

What is digital RMB?

First, what is a digital currency The central bank digital currency is a statutory digital currency approved by the State Council, which is mainly used in replacing cash in circulation. English abbreviation DCEP – DIGITAL CURRENCY ELECTRONIC PAYMENT, ie digital currency electronic payment. Digital currency can be easily understood as a digital form of cash. […]

What is the consensus algorithm of the block chain?

With public key cryptography, the basic features of the transaction (eg, ownership and amount) are easy to verify, and the public key cryptography acts through basic mathematical properties. There is a consensus algorithm to mitigate the “double flower” attack, where malicious behavior can spend the same coin twice (or any number). Solving this problem requires […]

Bitcoin mining is difficult to create a new high

The mining difficulty of the Bitcoin network has increased by 9.32%, and the world standard time 3:07 in January 21st creates a record of 26.64 trillion, breaking the record of June 13, 2021. The difficulty will automatically adjust according to the computing power or the hash rate on the network, to keep the taps needed […]

Central Bank Digital Diagang: Digital RMB Beijing Winter Olympics pilot work is steadily advanced

Reporter ح Liu Chenguang “The world has entered the development of digital high-speed integration development, the role of digital technology has been widely recognized by the whole society, and has developed rapidly in the financial industry, compared with previous electronic, information, and networking, has now been developed to digitalization. And the relationship between the intelligence, […]

Grayscale found more than 25% of the American family currently has a Bitcoin

The launch of Bitcoin ETF has played a key role in the popularity of Bitecuro. According to a report released on Monday, more than a quarter (26%) of American investors said they already have Bitcoin (BTC). In this group of owners, 46% and 44% of people also share the Tanfang and Dog Coin in their […]