Month: September 2021

Data privacy in the field of encryption is a new track

Data is wealth, privacy is also wealth. Investors should care about personal privacy because it has become a trend that has had impact on the market. It is certain that some of the world’s most successful, most profitable companies are booming due to significant lack of privacy protection. Like Google (now Alphabet) and Facebook companies, […]

Analysis of the Census and Supervision Trend of China Zone Chain Policy 2021

In order to fully display the development of block chain production, the 01 block chain, Zero Zhihua will launch the “Census Report (2021) of China Block Chain Products Development (2021)”, welcome relevant institutions to participate in the provision of innovation cases. (1) Overall situation of China block chain production policy in 2021 Since the rising […]

In addition to the ice pier, the Winter Olympics you can also “taste” digital renminbi

On February 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was held in the National Stadium. At the same time as the fire mascot ice pier, the digital RMB also became a large “flow” outside the opening stage. The First Financial Reporter learned that during the Winter Olympics, Chinese residents and foreign friends can […]

How does block chain technology play a role in the game?

What is the block chain game? The block chain game is a video / computer game running on the block chain. Since the game runs on the block chain, it exists in a non-variable public classification (this means that all transactions can be viewed in their records) and are not controlled by any central organization. […]

Three encrypted currencies that may beat the Bitcoin in 2022

key point Based on Arcane Research’s data, last year Bitcoin brought 73% of the considerable return of investors; in the past 10 years, its annual return rate exceeded 220%. These results have won the title of “Ten Years Best Assets” in Bitcoin. However, in 2022, three projects were expected to be better than Bitcoin. Years […]

Regarding the block chain technology, what are my country’s research hotspots?

Since 2008, Satoshinakamoto published a password-based electronic monetary system thesis, the block chain is used as a multi-party maintenance, using cryptographic guarantee transmission and access security. Realize data unanimous storage, difficult to tamper, and reputation technology is widely studied and applied. The block chain created a new type of calculation paradigm and collaborative model of […]

India’s vice president: encrypted currency than a “Pangzhu”, it is recommended to prohibit

A senior executive of the Indian central bank will encrypt the currency than a “Pangzu”, and it is also recommended to prohibit it directly. This is the government proposed to taxing virtual digital assets and recognizing it is the world’s second largest Internet market. The legal currency is only a sharp criticism after the road. […]

Bank of England: Bank provides encrypted currencies requires support for global regulatory systems

Recently, the Bank of England is responsible for the financial strategy and risks, Sarahbreeden, said that as more and more loan institutions provide encrypted currency transactions and managed services to their customers, the world needs a comprehensive system. To protect the global financial system. Briden said that a challenge facing the monetary authority is to […]

Pakistan Central Bank decided to ban encrypted currency

According to reports, the State Bank of China Pakistan National Bank (SBP) has decided to prohibit all encrypted currencies in the country. Central Bank also requested the Sindh High Court to prohibit the “unauthorized operation” of the Encrypted Monetary Exchange and punish them. The Pakistan’s Inter-Jest Council recommends prohibiting encryption currency and all related activities. […]