Month: October 2021

Digital renminbi can carry out cross-border payment and international cooperation pilot

Buying the ice pier, “touching a touch” payment … With the Beijing Winter Olympics, the digital RMB completed the world’s first show and became the focus of all parties. Russian experts admire, digital RMB showcase China’s innovation achievements in the financial sector, and Beijing Winter Olympics will also load history by digital RMB. Digital RMB […]

Block chain technology supports the orderly operation of the Yuan Cosmic Economic System

According to Bloomberg information, by 2024, the market size of Yuancai will reach 800 billion US dollars. Puhua Yongdao predicts that the market size of the universe in 2030 will reach $ 1.5 trillion. Recently, China’s World Youth Summit and Shang Tang Technology, Enhanced Reality Technology Industry Alliance (CARA) jointly released the “Yuancai” Broken Witness […]

How to release city potential?Hong Kong Media: Block Chain Technology and Encrypted Currency Are Answers

The Hong Kong Asian Times website recently reported that the city’s self-birth is significant with the common future relationship with humans. The city is the engine of business, ideas, culture and innovation. Even if the new crown epidemic causes economic recession, the city also shows an unremitting toughness, and plays an important leadership in the […]

The four major points in the area of the 2022 block chain

There is a core proposition of the “impossible triangle” in the area of ??the block chain, which is the degree of security, performance and detritionation. This proposition is the fundamental of the evolution of the block chain, whether it is Bitcoin or the union chain, or a strong development, essentially, is essentially a hierarchy between […]

Russian Ministry of Finance announced the Encrypted Monetary Regulatory Act

The Russian Ministry of Finance is promoting its regulation of the country’s encrypted currency and submits an A bill to the parliament. According to the press release released on Monday, the bill is submitted on February 18, and the previously approved road map drafted by several government agencies, including the main law enforcement agencies. The […]

One-piece disk point to the country of larvaration to the area of the encryption

Ukraine called forbidden Russians from entering the encrypted market, but the rejection of binance and Coinbase and other encrypted trading giants, the reason they give is to do this unless the law requires this. In fact, there is currently no official decree to force the Exchange platform to prohibit Russian transaction IP. However, in the […]

Who is the final flowers of the regulatory power of stable coins?

The repeated discussion of stabilized coins and the US Congress and the US Treasury Department have not resuspended the fate of stable coins. Nellieliang, US Finance, pointed out last week that the US Congress has obvious slopprogenality in the development of regulations related to stabilization currencies. Nellieliang said that if you continue to delay, the […]

Report: The future of new infrastructure booster calculations

5G’s launch and social changes related to the big popularity have led to an unprecedented demand for edge technology. The new edge infrastructure model can help us understand its future. In the past few years, we have experienced a major impact on the future of edge calculations. The first is a wide range of 5G, […]

How to unlock the myth of gender equality in the field of encryption

As a global and distributed industry, the nature of encrypted currency must provide more opportunities for all possible diversified people. Encrypted currency is known as the “Boy Club” is not unpleasant: it is located in the intersection of technology and finance, continuing the “brothers culture” heritage encoded into Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Until 2020, […]

Enterprise block chain: opportunities and risks

The block chain technology is slowly becoming the name of a household name in the science and technology world. Many people still think that the true application of the block chain is only in the encrypted currency. However, this is not the case. As the company block chain technology becomes more popular, people will eventually […]