Month: October 2021

British plans to impose digital service taxes on the Encryption Exchange

The British Tax Customs (HMRC) does not recognize the encrypted currency is “financial instrument”, so these exchanges are not eligible to give exemptions to the financial market. Previously, local income tax on large-scale technology companies was started in April 2020, which was mainly targeted in Facebook and Google. Based on representing the trade institutions of […]

The Internet of Things District block chain revolution has arrived

The block chain and the Internet of Things have subverted multiple industries alone. What happens when these two technologies cross? The Internet of Things fundamentally changes our way to connect things and around the world, the world will be more interconnected, more data-centered than ever, more data-centered, more information. What happens when you look at […]

What is the good part of the block link to the logistics network?

Due to the complexity of logistics networks, companies often have blind spots in the supply chain, and it is difficult to locate products at any specific time. Due to lack of visibility, companies are facing difficulties in identifying performance errors. The unavailability of real-time tracking further hinders companies trying to arrange delivery time and effective […]

Is it better to invest “unstable” bitcoin?

In recent years, the largest encryption currency in 2009 increased globally, while market experts were still arguing in assets supported by block chains compared to “Digital Gold”. Bitcoin’s volatility is still worrying, and the advocate of gold investment is promoting its steady rise. Even during the epidemic, the value of Bitcoin is also soaring. In […]

How to solve the technical defect of the block chain?

The block chain technology is booming in recent years, but the overall application is still limited. All kinds of problems facing block chain technology undoubtedly limit their scene applications, but there are many ways to solve various challenges. Technical design is inefficient, lack of scalability, slow speed, lack of standard and interoperability, and high-energy consumption, […]

How is the block chain technology applied in the aerospace industry?

Recently, professional services Network PricewaterhouseColid (PWC) analyzes several potential purposes in the space industry, including financing, Currency, purchasing, and satellite communications. In fact, the block chain is just a public transaction database shared in a network. It stores all transactions in the data block (block), then these data chains together, form a digital record of […]

Indonesian regulatory agency prohibits financial services companies from encrypting currency transactions

According to Reuters, as the digital asset trading industry continues to develop in this Southeast Asia, the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) issues a warning to many financial companies on the limitations of encrypted currencies. According to the official statement on Instagram, the country’s regulatory agency has banned financial institutions from using almost all of […]

How does block chain technology reduce the cost of car manufacturers?

Overview: 1. Block chain technology will improve transaction records and increase supply chain efficiency. 2, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are using the detrimentary classification technology to monitor and track carbon emissions. 3. The block chain will reduce the use of paper, saving the company a year to $ 2.5 million. my country’s automotive industry is following […]

Can the block chain provide power to India’s technical transformation?

From 2008 to 2015, the encrypted currency took several years to enter India. India is one of the turmoil and a huge market, and its technology has rapidly causing investors’ attention. In addition to the daily transactions of encrypted currency, the block chain has proven to be one of the changing rules of the Indian […]

How do financial institutions use block chain technology?

With the increasing maturity of block chain technology, more and more financial institutions use block chain technology in their operations. At the same time, more and more block chain technologies will simplify financial institutions, most of which are completely subverting the financial industry. Cross-border transaction The block chain can actually destroy the entire banking system […]