Month: October 2021

India issues a national strategy around the block chain around e-government

Recently, the Indian Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) issued a “block chain national strategy” (NSB) document for up to 52 pages to urge the government and the private sector to strengthen cooperation, in this world’s population National establishment of block chain infrastructure. It should be pointed out that the current NSB file is an updated […]

The development of the block chain enters the expressway, reflecting the new path of economic and social development

Since the birth of bits, there has been highly concerned with people from all walks of life, which is a new generation of information technology, which has a huge innovation space, continuously giving birth to new technologies in the fields of Internet of Things, cloud computing. . At the same time, the outbreak of the […]

Looking forward to the future of block chain games

As the block chain game is enabled “ie, earn” (P2E) mode, the demand for such games has increased. Part of the reason is due to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 popularity. According to the data in the BGA block chain game report, more than 840,000 independent users have joined at least one available money-making […]

Why is the block chain is important in digital identity?

The data saved on the block chain is permanent, tamper-proof and transparent – all properties are suitable for upgrading traditional identity databases, such as data held by passports or car licensing agencies. However, the true potential is the other features of the block chain. Digital Signing Allows us to choose how to share their digital […]

What are the trends of promoting the use of block chain technology?

The block chain is the underlying infrastructure behind the encrypted currency, but is not limited to the field of encrypted currency, and many block chain trends are also promoting the use of zone chain technology. Supply chain The block chain can become a technique of changing the game rules in multiple industries, especially for the […]

Can the block chain helps copyright “breakout”

On February 14th, the China National Intellectual Property Office issued the “About the” Ice Mun “” Izon “,” Gu Ling “,” Into the “Ice Mun” “Gu Ling”, etc. 43 trademarks such as “Snowdon”, “Gu Ling” have been invalid. At the earlier, the “Fairy King” suspension of the privileges, China’s knowledge network infringement defendant … For […]

WEB3 may be the key to encrypting currency into the mainstream market

Going to centering and concentration: Web3 may refer to the day, but the competition of central encrypted currency supervision is also accelerating. View In 2021, it is important for encrypted currency. There is no alternative to the annual vocabulary (NFT), and the centralized financial (DEFI) has become a headline news of various announcements in mainstream […]

How will block chains and digital currencies affect the future of the banking industry?

In December 2020, South Asia’s largest bank Bank became one of the world’s first traditional financial institutions that provide encrypted currency transactions and managed services. The Star Show Bank also supports the launch of the first block chain platform for cross-border settlement. In the latest annual report of the Star Exhibition Group, Chief Executive Officer […]

Ten ways of changing the identity and access management technology (IAM)

The digitalization of society is driving the digitization of identity. From health information to professional certification, the needs of identity information and credentials are growing in terms of quantity, species, and value. Traditionally, identity information is monitored and verified by third parties – whether the government is still a private sector. However, the scientific technology […]