Month: November 2021

What is the chain chain of block chains, private chains, and alliance chains?

In practical applications, the block chain type required according to the different selection of the trusted environment. Traditional institutions cannot suddenly change between a complete public chain, and the league chain is an important step in achieving future encryption worlds. Compared to the centralized database, the biggest benefit of the league chain is encrypted audit […]

Where is the value of the Taiquian?

The value of encrypted currency may be difficult to understand, which leads to some traditional investors to be cautious about the field. Emperor is often compared to the pillar of digital oil and next-generation Internet, so it is not difficult to understand why it is a valuable encrypted currency. As we discussed in the previous […]

What are the advantages of block chain protection mobile applications?

Among mobile banking research, 89% of respondents said they have been using mobile banking. Millennium generation, even higher, 97% of people express the same number. As financial transactions turn to mobile applications, safety is still the issue of users and company general concern, and the block chain technology is likely to promote significant advances in […]

US State Taxation Bureau training on the company on encrypted currency fraud

A specialist of the US Taxation Bureau (IRS) said that there is a “stacked such as mountain” fraud cases in the field of encrypted currency. He emphasized that the Criminal Investigation Department of the US Tax Administration is trying to encrypt the currency and NFT training for all agents, because “this area is a future […]

EU securities regulatory agency focuses on the advantages of block chains in the financial market

According to news, the European Securities and Market Administration (ESMA) has begun to determine if the EU authorities need to modify existing regulations to promote transactions and settlements for the Currency Securities. The regulatory agency is comment on the matter before starting a market infrastructure pilot system based on distributed booklet technology (DLT). The agency […]

Not just hype: use block chain technology to increase supply chain management efficiency

So far, the block chain solution is mainly known in the financial field and has achieved success. However, their unable to argue is far more than this potential, making them interesting in industrial applications. Most importantly, there is a complex structure, a wide variety of participants, and a wide variety of materials, information and fund […]

Outlook 2022: Circles and opportunities in the block chain world

Tayer2 This is one word that has the highest frequency in all the prospects, no one. Layer2 refers to the second layer of expansion scheme. In the past, the Emperor Tanfang poured into a large number of developers and users, causing the Emperor Network to become expensive and not easy, and the expansion of the […]

Draft Peru submitted to the Currency Law

In December, Peru launched a new draft encrypted monetary asset law to regulate the use of encrypted currency in the country. In addition to defining what encrypts monetary assets and identifying virtual asset service providers (VASP), the draft is also legalized to “use Encrypted monetary assets to set up companies and allow companies to hold […]

How to become a community center in block chain technology?

The rapid development of block chain technology and encrypted currency makes the higher education community must adapt and respond to this economic phenomenon. Universities have great opportunities to expand their economic impact and footprint through information, to create a better financial future for themselves and their families. There is an unbaissible nature of the block […]