Month: November 2021

Five encrypted currencies that need to focus on 2022

In the past 12 months, the encrypted currency field has existed a winner and loser. Winners will celebrate their latest historical high, but whether their success provides any clues, what are the encrypted currencies in 2022 worth paying attention? The celebration does not necessarily continue, because the past is not a good indicator of the […]

What is the block chain ecosystem?

Since Bitcoin introduced the world into encrypted currency, the popularity of the block chain soared. There have never developed so fast. In the block chain, the data is stored in a manner that is almost impossible to change or crack. From Silicon Valley to businesses and venture capitalists, everyone wants to divide a piece. However, […]

Three block chains worth paying attention!

In 2021, the revenue of the game industry exceeded 175 billion US dollars, although these income has always been allocated to Blizzard or Tencent and other game studios, this year has changed, with the popularity of block chain technology in the game, game players Harvested their work results – it is said that some players […]

Can block chain technology change the luxury industry?

Although due to the influence of the epidemic, it is expected that the sales growth of luxury goods in 2022 will remain as high as 25%. This increase is driven by e-commerce. In 2020, online sales accounted for 23% of all luxury sales. At the same time, consumers have promoted the demand for sustainable development. […]

Is the block chain technology help to the transportation industry?

The transportation industry must handle many processes to send even single goods from the warehouse to the customer’s door. All of these procedures require constant supervision and inspection to ensure they do with maximum accuracy. Block chain technology in transport provides shorter processing time, effective data management, and real-time tracking and traceability. Therefore, the block […]

How does block chain technology play a role in the sports industry?

Until a few years ago, we still don’t know what the block chain is. But a decisive day has changed everything. A seemingly ordinary day has left a mark in the history of revolutionary technological changes – Bitcoin in the world, which is one of the first and most popular applications of block chain technology. […]

Internet companies are born to “chain”

Guide The block chain is the underlying technology that promotes the deposition of the financial field, its value and potential are quickly recognized by the domestic science and technology investment circle. The most sensitive commercial smell, the industry expands the most flexible Internet giants, and starts embrace the block chain. In the Ministry of Industry […]

How will the global economy affect the encrypted market in 2022?

As the inflation rate rises, the interest rate is in a historical low, and people seek asset value added than the bank account more profitable. At the same time, institutional investors are also guided by the same basic motivation, and part of their portfolio is converted into encrypted assets, which is another important reason why […]

How to use block chain technology to create security, tamper-proof documents?

The essence of the block chain is a distributed bookkeeping technology. It is relatively centralized, centrally accounting technology is widely existed in our current life. In terms of security, the block chain technology once again shows its unique advantage. Specifically, look: First, few technologies have proven to be safer or tamper with the block chain. […]

What promotes the prosperity of South Africa’s encrypted currency?

It is estimated that more than 15% (nearly 9 million people) South Africans have some form of encryption currency! Many people in these investors are not serious, just “curiosity to encrypt”, this is why Ovex (Africa) The largest off-site encrypted currency exchange) This encrypted currency exchange is so popular. For a country with so many […]