Month: November 2021

How to accelerate the use of block chain technology?

Although the mass of block chain technology is facing various challenges, there are also a variety of ways to solve these problems. It is possible to solve the problem of technological innovation, lack of standard and interoperability, lack of standard and interoperability, lack of scalability, slow speed, and high energy consumption. Privacy, trust and security […]

How to avoid fraud when investing in encrypted currencies?Six key points must be remembered

Today we have summarized the guidelines that maintain safety when browsing the encrypted monetary market. 1. Encrypt the company to the air head The first warning sign to be observed is to avoid the encrypted currency playing with the head. These are usually based on pop culture, in addition to hype purposes caused by completely […]

Germany Savings Bank will provide an encrypted wallet to solve inflation in 2022?

German Savings Bank Association – a network consisting of more than 400 savings banks in Germany – 2022 or will allow customers to translate currency from their accounts. As a market leader of German financial institutions, this service allows more than 50 million people to easily get encrypted currency. Encrypted currency service According to German […]

How does block chain technology strengthen the implementation of Russian sanctions?

The US Financial Services (DFS) will use block chain analysis techniques to strengthen the implementation of Russian sanctions. Specifically, this work will detect whether the Russian individual tries to evade the imposed punishment. Block Chain Technology Helps Monitoring Sanction Implementation The Financial Services Department (DFS) is responsible for overseeing numerous key projects and initiatives. Due […]

How to protect the fresh food supply chain

The zipper chain of big publicity has gradually become a widely used mainstream technology. However, when you encounter a company that uses the Internet of Things Sensors and block chains to solve an agricultural issue, it is also a bit surprised. ZEST Labs creates a fresh food management solution that focuses on food quality, reduces […]

How can I have?

How to pay? WeChat or Alipay? When the cashier asked this question, will you let you answer? WeChat, Alipay, Cash, Swipe … may soon, everyone will give another answer: Digital RMB (E-Chy). From a small pilot pilot from August 2020, the digital RMB has been preheated for more than a year. Just on January 4 […]

Digital Renminbi Signing Dedicated Business Lost in Hainan

On December 9, Hainan Province Digital Renminbi Signing Payment Service launched, and several corporate representatives experienced the digital RMB signing paid business. At present, the business has piloted in 7 counties and counties such as Haikou, Zhangzhou and Qionghai.As of the morning of December 9, Hainan Province has successfully signed 27 digital RMB wallet tripartite […]

How much is the scale of the block chain industry in the 2021?

2021 is a watershed in the block chain technology, and some new trends have prompted people to rethink the possibility of finance. Yuan Universe, NFT, Exchange Trading Fund (ETF) and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) have become mainstream, bringing more to encrypted currencies. These innovations have seen enterprises around the world adopting block chain solutions, bringing […]

How does the industrial sector use block chain technology?

Digital technology is gradually entering our lives. The industrial sector is no exception, they are quickly digitally realizing. According to Huawei and Oxford Economic Research Institute, in 2025, digitalization will reach 24.3% of GDP, approximately $ 23 trillion. One of the innovative technologies used by the industrial sector is the block chain. In this article, […]