Month: November 2021

Dog currency will disappear in 2022?

With the beginning of 2022, people’s ideas turned to the next 100-fold surprises. But according to Motley Fool, it will not be any puppy model due to coins. Although it is really last year, the dog curler makes the encrypted purexists, but it is necessary to calm in the second half of 2021, which indicates […]

Is the block chain technology possible to completely change the health care industry?

Block chain technology is a technology that supports bitcoin and other Crypto, is looking for revolutionary new applications in the field of healthcare. Recently, the AETNA, Anthem and Cleveland clinics have announced a new health care plan based on block chain technology, marking the block chain may have a potential impact on the entire healthcare […]

The regulatory pressure facing stable coins will be bigger and bigger?

At the beginning of October last year, the International Securities Committee organized a branch of the International Clearing Bank to suggest that stabilization coins should be supervised as financial market infrastructure, just like payment systems and bills exchange. On November 1 last year, the US Treation issued the “Report on Stabilization Coin”, listing the potential […]

NFT game interoperability: technology is not blocking road tiger

Author Ø­ Adrian Krion Translator Ø­ Öì ¸Ö Planning Ø­ Sun Shujuan Non-homogenized coins (NFT) is progressing in the game world, in which one of the key to NFT fans is coming is interoperability, which is a great favorable goodness to game players. Since NFT is located in a public database, anyone and games can […]

The block chain can make the education sector benefit four ways

The block chain has affected multiple industries, and the education sector is no exception. During the spread of the new crown epidemic, the education department quickly adapted to digitization. This is the block chain can be proven to be a place to change the rules of the game. First, the block chain can greatly change […]

Russia or through restriction debit card / credit card payment prohibited encryption investment

According to “Forbes”, in order to prevent people from investing in encrypted currency, Russian central banks are considering restricting the use of debit cards and credit cards in encrypted currency exchanges, although the program is only one of several scenarios being discussed. In fact, it has been reported that Elviranabiullina, the Russian Central Bank, emphasizes […]

What makes the block chain technology so special?

The block chain can use many participant shared decentralized databases to transmit information in impairment, thereby excluding copies. This database is also called a distributed classification or classified account. It stores many computers in point-to-point networks, each new node will get a complete copy of the block chain when joining, and the current task is […]

How to repair the broken supply chain artificial intelligence and block chain

When the 2020 coronary virus crisis broke out, medical emergencies accompanied by severe shortages of materials, especially in some medical equipment. This situation first appears on the ventilator: demand surge, supply chain interrupt. This is because the production of these devices spans multiple countries, each of which relies on other components manufactured at different locations. […]

Russian War: Putin or use encrypted currency to avoid Western sanctions

The Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized military operations in eastern Ukraine, which seems to be Russia’s request to end NATO’s eastern expansion in Europe. The US President Biden countered said that in addition to financial measures implemented earlier this week, he will announce further sanctions against Russia on Thursday. Sanctions are considered to be the […]