Month: November 2021

How far is the block chain technology to infiltrate foreign exchange trading?

According to reports, the United States leading financial service agency rich bank (Wells Fargo) and the UK’s main currency mechanism HSBC (HSBC) will use the block chain-based products to settle the matching foreign exchange (Forex) transaction. By cooperating, these two entities will use a shared account to handle dollars, Canadian dollars, pounds, and euro business. […]

Russia recognizes that Bitcoin is currency

According to local news, controversy around the Russian encryption currency is coming to end. The Russian newspaper “Business News” reported that the Russian bank and the government have now reached an agreement on the supervision of encrypted monetary. Russia admits encrypted currency for currency According to this agreement, the Russian authorities are drafting a law, […]

What is the meaning of the emerging economies?

We often mention emerging economies when discussing the use of the Urban Financial (DEFI) and encrypted currency. However, there is a big gap between the theoretical and practical construction in these areas. Studies have shown that the fastest growing entrepreneurial area includes the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In addition, these are not just miniature […]

The four major accountants requested Indian employees to disclose encrypted currency investment to assess risk

Although it is sufficiently attractive, it is increasingly receiving mainstream investment, but the risk associated with encrypted currency continues to define the industry. According to local media reports, recently, the world’s four major accountants – Deloitte, Paphua Yong Road, Anyong and KPMW, have requested its Indian employee to disclose digital assets. Partners and executives of […]

How to change the industrial 4.0 block chain technology

The block-based solution has great potential in industrial 4.0 and many other applications. The health department of medical technology and health care, retail and food industry and agriculture, energy and materials management, and supply chain can benefit from the far-reaching advantages of blockchain applications! In our current innovation insights, the focus is the big trend […]

Hong Kong’s encryption information booths stabilize

According to the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association, during this period, the number of bits of the global financial center has exceeded 100, and the location often changes. Another study of Crypto HEAD is the study of “The 2021 Crypto-Ready Index” said that Hong Kong ranks fourth in the “Encrypted Ready Country” in 200 countries and […]

Why say that the block chain policy is inherently independent of encrypted monetary policy?

Recently, the Secretary of the Ministry of India T. V. Somanathan said in an interview with the media that the government has no relationship with the policy of block chain and the policy of encrypting currency or virtual digital assets (VDA). He further added that it should not have any worries for the use of […]

Digital bill of lading through block chain can achieve carbon neutralization

Block chains and ecology – until now, this is more contradictory on the terminology. For example, according to financial services providers MSG, the block chain of Map Bitcoin – has millions of participants – more energy than with approximately 17 million residents (as of June 2021). However, there must be specific actual use cases, where […]

2022, seven encryption currencies worthy of attention

Although the standard Po of 500 index has doubled in 2021 average annual return over the past 40 years, the encrypted currency market has once again rushed. According to CONMARKETCAP, as of January 1, 2022, the total value of all digital currencies was $ 2.27 trillion. Bitcoin is only 29 million US dollars this year, […]

Is the digital renminbi experience?

Be As a 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Digital RMB pilot activities, the Chinese bank led by the Winter Olympic Digital RMB pilot payment experience exhibition through video introduction, product display, on-site experience, focus on digital RMB experience activities. The picture shows the audience to visit the Digital RMB pilot payment experience exhibition. Du Jianpo photo […]