Month: November 2021

Microsoft issues a warning for network fishing attacks on the block chain

The concept and Web3 of the block chain, the detrimentary technology, the DEFI, the intelligent contract, the “Yuan Cosm” are established on the encryption system, and the basis of the block chain project. They all have a thorough change in the way we understand and experience our connection today. However, with each technological innovation, it […]

Use Node.js and Cassandra to build an encrypted currency price tracker

Since the 15 years ago, the data technology is a big explosion, the technology like Hadoop catering to four “V” (quantity, speed and accuracy), which is increasingly common: use specialized functions Database to meet different types of data and usage patterns. Many companies now use the graph database, time series database, document database, and other […]

Winter Olympics, the “Exhibition” industry insiders to the future, the winter Olympic Games: the foam is too late, the technical application has begun to climb

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is about to be held. A highlight of the Winter Olympics is “Science and Technology Olympics”, many high-tech products in the Winter Olympics, “big exhibition”, including block chain technology. Its technical advantage is to go to center, publicly transparent, non-tampered, data sharing, etc. Based on this, the block chain technology is […]

Irish regulatory agencies are monitoring or tightening encrypted currency advertisements

Recently, the British Ministry of Finance issued an advertising regulatory framework to reduce misleadic advertising, which means that all encrypted currency advertisements will be constrained by rules applicable to stocks and insurance. At the same time, since 2019, the Irish Advertising Standards Bureau (ASAI) has received four complaints on advertising. These complaints have clearly causing […]

2022 or the most critical year of the US consolidation of encryption standards

According to the recent survey of OneSpan, 50% of the bank executives and leaders in the United States mainly pay attention to the number of digital currencies entering 2022. Although the United States lags behind the development of the central bank’s digital currency, the regulators are increasingly seeking to have a clear understanding of the […]

Richard plummeted to Turkish encrypted currency transactions

Block Chain Analysis Company CHAINALYSIS and Kaiko record milestones for millions of transactions per day. Since September, nearly 40% of the currency depreciation leads to citizens to encrypting monetary assets to protect their growing savings. According to Reuters, the surge in transactions began earlier this year – the head of the central bank was replaced, […]

Difficulties and issues facing the Essence of Yuancai

In the eyes of a thousand readers, there are thousands of Hamlet, the firemark of Yuancai Concept, many traditional Internet companies and block chain entrepreneurship teams have begun to pay attention to this new field, from the Facebook to Microsoft, have announced to join the Yuan Among the ranks of the universe, even the domestic […]

Application of Block Chain Technology in Healthcare Industry

Block Chain Technology has gradually subverted the business sector in the past few years, and has brought power to data assets stored in infrastructure in infrastructure. Health information exchange Many healthcare sectors have now introduced the concept of health information exchange (HIE) to enable patients, doctors, and other staff to safely interview and share digital […]

What is the block chain, what is the relationship with the Yuan Cos?

NFT is a unique and uninterrupted data unit that is stored in block chain technology, and the value of the real world can be assigned to digital objects. At the same time, the use of the block chain is steadily growing. In the nearest Deloity survey, 76% of respondents believe that digital assets such as […]