Month: December 2021

How to create a music industry in block chain technology?

The world is rapidly developing, and the technology behind the music industry is also growing rapidly. In this area, the block chain is the lead with its incredible features such as NFT and intelligent contracts. In this incredible area, there are many players who are driving their development, but in this article, we want to […]

How does the block chain pay in 2022?

Stephenpair said, Stephenpair said that the boom of block chains and encryption technologies generated in 2021 made the seeds of its bright development. He believes that 2022 encryption currency will receive more mainstream acceptance. Summarizing 2021, there are more celebrities like Mark Cuban and Elonmusk, talking about encrypted currency (mainly dog ??currency), and payments like […]

Hyperledger Fabric 2.x Java Block Chain Application

First, explanation In the previous article, the “Hyperledger Fabric 2.x Custom Intelligence Contract” shared the installation of the intelligent contract and use the CLI client to call the contract; this article will use the Java code based on Fabric-Gateway-Java block chain network Access and transaction and integrate the Springboot framework. Fabric Gateway SDK implements Fabric’s […]

Six major network security applications for block chains

Today’s block chain market is still full of security issues, and crimes related to encrypted currency have caused more than $ 14 billion in 2021, which has grown nearly 57% over the previous year. However, compared to the centralized network, the block chain has a lot of innate security advantages. This will lead to a […]

The block chain industry has broad growth space in 2022!

The block chain is a hot topic at the current business community. One of the most important factors of the mainstreaming of block chains technology is the use of “encrypted currency”. Based on current estimates, the industrial zone chain investment will reach $ 11.7 billion in 2022. A large number of studies have shown that […]

How to use block chain technology in the field of education?

The block chain provides a unique way of protecting data by detrimenting system, which means that once the data stored on the block chain is unable to be deleted, tamper or changed. . Although the block chain is mainly popular as part of the encrypted currency such as bitcoin, the distributed storage information used by […]

Pritician Finance Minister: Economic key points should be turned to digital currency

Recently, the British Financial Minister Philiphammond said that digital assets can alleviate the UK underwater financial chaos. He added that if London does not seriously treat the encrypted currency industry, it may be surpassed by its European competitors. “We need to act quickly and effectively” In an interview recently received Citya.m. The former conservative party […]

Website is black hacker to steal $ 34 million encrypted currency

At the interview with Bloomberg TV, Kris Marszalek, CEO of, acknowledged that 400 customer accounts were hacked. He said that his team detected unauthorized transactions made from these accounts, but they had immediately repaired this problem and fully repayed the affected users. Now, the company has released a report that discloses the details of […]

Digital Renminbi (Pilot Edition) APP is on the racks of major apps, open up for all Android / iOS users

IT Home January 4th News, Digital Renminbi (Pixel Edition) App is upgraded from Beta today to version, and has been opened to open up the big Android app store. According to the official introduction, the digital RMB (pilot version) app is China’s legal digital currency – digital RMB is the official service platform […]