Month: December 2021

Yuancos and Web3 look very similar: Where is the most important difference between the two?

At the business technology, there are two popular words to brush screens. One is a web3, one is a metamorphic. From some reports, many people think that the two words are the same thing. In fact, although they are associated in several important aspects, they are actually described in different concepts. This article mainly tells […]

Ten years of loss of over 20 billion US dollars, hackers stare at the block chain

In the world of 2021, the world, the bright face is thriving, and the darkness is also steadily developing. According to Slowmist Hacked incomplete statistics, the world’s fire safety incident in the 2021, in terms of quantity, dangerous, involved in the amount, affecting the scale, etc., there is a rare “white hat hacker” incident, giving […]

Internet of Things is inseparable from the block chain, its investment is more than cloud computing

Amazon network service for cloud services, Microsoft Azure or Google’s quarter and annual quantity are fascinating, reaching billions of dollars. However, the edges may see more funds, although it is more dispersed than the cloud. In addition, the Internet of Things seems to return these investments in a significant manner. This is the main point […]

Will Bitcoin and Gold Correlation Continue?

Last month, as the US inflation reached three years high, the debate of gold and Bitcoin became more and more. In a global scale, consumer prices rose unprecedented speed, prompting investors to seek hedge inflation and gold vulnerabilities, which assets for Bitcoin fans are more suitable for preservation. I will provide some of the common […]

Digital RMB APP has already supported pulling up payment

IT Home January 11th news, with the digital RMB APP, all major software stores, various application scenarios and regions are accelerated. According to China Unicom, the digital RMB can be selected when China Unicom APP is recharged, and it is paid by pulling up the digital RMB APP. This is a digital RMB pilot, the […]

Break the US Visa36 Dressing Mormaching Winter Olympics to use digital RMB: no need to pay

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be over two or three days. There are many domestic new technology products in this winter. The digital RMB payment has become a big two points. US magazine said it broke the United States for 36 years. Visa Bank Card organization monopolizers to Olympic payment services. According to interface news […]

1.7 million US NFT stolen: Detail enlargement, encryption can easily break

There is a breakprint saying that on Saturday, the NFT Trading Platform OpenSea’s users have been stealing hundreds of NFTs by attackers. This incident triggered late night panic in the majority of users of the website. About 3 hours, a total of 254 copies, Opensea jointly founder and CEO Tevin Finzer called the website is […]

How does the healthcare industry benefit from the block chain?

Transparency of patient history through the block chain Researchers and medical professionals have repeatedly focused on the attractive assistant of block chain technology in a fierce way. Indeed, the user can rely on its information about the patient care system and conditions. Implementation description indicates that the key record will not change when the user […]

The size of the block chain of the global district is expected to reach $ 19.9 billion in 2026.

As the core technology of Bitcoin, the block chain technology is now achieved significant importance. The block chain is a permanent database that records each transaction performed. This technology has become an integral part of business, products, and legal procedures for companies and businesses to consumers. In the field of banking, financial services and insurance, […]