Month: December 2021

Why do you say that the central bank’s digital currency does not exist universal design model?

According to a research report published on the International Monetary Fund (IMF), there are currently more than 100 countries are studying the central bank’s digital currency (CBDC), including China, Sweden and Bahamas, and the digital currency of these countries has begun to run or be in Advanced stage. Kristalina Georgieva, president of the International Monetary […]

Does Turkey will imitate Salvador legalization?

Salvador Nayib Bukele arrived in Turkey on Thursday, meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo, to promote alliances in this Central America and Invest. Just before arrival, Book wrote on the tweet: “When I conducted a state visit this Thursday, I will hold talks with Turkish President Rayp-Tagy-Erdoan.” Starting on the throtturs – Is the […]

How traditional financial payment and innovation services do “1 + 1> 2”?

According to reports, the US leading encryption currency exchange Coinbase has collaborate with the Mastercard, which is MasterCard to simplify the purchase of non-homogeneous coins (NFT). According to today’s official blog articles, Coinbase is planning to make new people easier to join the thrive of NFT markets by using strategies similar to their encrypted currency […]

The Encrypted Currency Bank of the Russian Central Bank was opposed by the Parliament and the Government

The Russian central bank’s restrictive restrictive policy has not received support for members of the Russian government, legislative bodies or law enforcement departments. The legislator warned that the “comprehensive prohibition of encrypted currency” proposed by the Bank will make Russia a smile in the world. Russian banks have refused by other Russian agencies to encrypted […]

The block chain will change the future eight ways

In the past few years, the block chain has become a technology now discussed everywhere. Everyone is excited about this modern technology, especially after some amazing NFT sales on the Internet. However, many people still don’t know what the block chain is, but they are eager to know what kind of influence it will bring […]

Multinational companies accelerate adopt encrypted currency or block chain technology

Although block chain technology and encrypted currency have been considered to be an abnormal value on the global market, but due to its multi-function, it has become increasingly outstanding, and now it has become an indispensable company for long-term enterprises (B2B) strategy for many financial institutions. Part. Recent PYMNTS research data shows that 61% of […]

Nepalese Bank Association released encrypted currency ban

According to “Himalaya Times”, Nepal Banks Association – a organization consisting of the CEO of the country’s commercial bank – a notice released not long ago, encrypted currency transactions and marketing is illegal. The organization warns private and companies do not participate in such activities, claiming to take action in accordance with current law. In […]

How to grow together between block chains and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and block chains may be the topic of the current digital transformation. Both are repeatedly considered to have considerable potential to break the market and destroy market game rules.²»±Ü Ãâ,, in addition to all popular phrase Bedo games, the problem will appear, whether there will be a scene that indicates a combination. These […]

Prime Minister India once again suffered a special hacker attack

In the early morning of Sunday, India Modi’s Terendra Modi was briefly hacked, this is a second time with the prime minister’s account by this type of attack. Although the account is quickly recovered, there is enough time to have enough time in the twitks, and India has used Bitcoin as a legal currency, and […]

Block chains and statutory digital currency prospects are broad, financial standards are so fast

Huaxia Times ( reporter Wang Yongfei Xue Dong Beijing report There are more than two years of national strategy for more than two years, and most provinces in my country have introduced zoom chain related development planning. In the industrial development of block chain technology, finance has always been the main area of ??landing applications. […]