Month: December 2021

“Digital Renminbi” in the Winter Olympics: Domestic people prefer to pay convenient and efficient, using scenario to meet epidemic prevention requirements

21st century economic report reporter Chen Zhihang report During the Winter Olympics, digital RMB is popular with a day. A Bank of China Beijing Branch revealed that the Winter Olympics held, many people have downloaded digital RMB APPs and application card, bracelet hard purse, and more than a few foreign countries participating in the Winter […]

Kazakhstan is exploring the central bank digital currency

The Kazakhstan Central Bank has been developing CBDC infrastructure, and countries have played a key role in Kazakhstan, which has become a new hub, and Kazakhstan has become one of the world’s largest block reward mining centers. Second to ranking One US. However, its CBDC is not so radical. Kazakhstan National Bank began to explore […]

Web3 technology stack from Coinbase perspective

(Maurits Cornelis Escher, 1898-1972) (Relative Lattice, 1953) WEB3 is the latest fashion word that has increased in its interest in recent months. But what does Web3 mean? Editor Press: Coinbase was established in June 2012, which is the largest encrypted currency exchange in the United States. Merchants and consumers can use the Coinbase wallet and […]

Four trends in the field of the block chain in the 2022

For the 2022 block chain financial field, I think there is a great opportunity to develop a big opportunity to become a new trend in 2022. DEFI continues to develop The concept of going to the center of finance contains many products and services. These opportunities are similar to traditional financial services, such as borrowing, […]

What are the way?

Although block chain games still have uncertainty, block chain games are still widely seen as emerging technology, and what are the ways of the block chain? Right to control virtual assets Although many people are attached to tangible assets, the company begins to find a different way to store game assets. However, control and essentially […]

How to improve education system efficiency?

Establish a powerful digital education ecosystem (deE). Several aspects – Content development, teaching, assessment, ratings, attendance records, achievements, certificates, degrees and diplomas. Advantages such as educational institutions, potential employers, mentors, and certification agencies can be integrated into DEE. With the increase in digitization, the inherent need to be safer and unlunished, which tracks students’ academic […]

Encrypted currency has triggered an energy crisis in the entire country

50 mining companies that have officially registered in Kazakhstan have issued a warning that they will start “quantitative” to take charge, in case the network failure will be closed first. According to the British “Financial Times”, this is announced by the Single Operator, which is managed by Kazakhstan’s power grid. The reason for taking these […]

Remote presence, digital twins and block chains three-digit: open health care in the Yuancosian

First of all, many friends may not be familiar with this Yuan universe. What is the concept. It is quite normal, because the experts do not finally finalize the basic definition of the Yuan universe, and can even say that it is still in the unresolved stage. The current universal consensus is that the Yuancai […]

Canada uses legal for encrypted currency

In Canada, the Ontario Provincial High Court has frozen millions of dollars and encrypted currencies related to the organizers of the Ottawa “Free Tead” protest. Experts said that this is the first time in Canada for the use of rare legal tools for encrypted currencies. The MAREVA ban was released from the Judge Calum Macleod […]

How to make the supply chain more transparent in the future

Some problems in the current supply chain management (SCM) system can be solved by block chain applications. Block chain applications can solve these problems such as inventory, counterfeit products, and can help companies save a lot of cost. “Harvard Business Review” analyzes and studies many of the applications. Studies have shown that although the current […]