2022 District block chain will maintain high growth in five fields

With the emergence and prosperity of encrypted currencies, the block chains have undoubtedly won the biggest attention and foothold. Today, the block chain technology has spread and found that in other business sectors has increased, especially since last year. The following is the industry that uses block chains and will continue to grow in 2022.

1. Application of block chain in the supply chain

With strict logistics requirements in vaccine, two British hospitals have been used to monitor and track the supply chain of vaccines.

IBM was drawn by New York in August 2021 to create and provide verifiable vaccine data and intelligent health cards, which were used as a vaccination digital certificate for hundreds of locations.

2. Intelligent contract and block chain penetration

Intelligent contract is a block-based technology that automatically performs contracts after both parties meet the predetermined conditions. It is recorded on the block chain without the intermediary. DEFI platforms such as Taiqui, Solana and Avalanche use intelligent contracts.

French insurance giants have launched FIZZY in 2017, which is a flight delay product. It uses the Email Intelligent Contract Automatic Method for more than two hours.

3. Yuan universe

Some of the most popular deals in the universe in the 2021 included: Facebook conducted a decisive investment worth $ 10 billion in October 2021, not only renamed the company Metaplatforms Inc, but also developed the entire company to share immersive digital strategies. The space provided in the Yuancosian.

Microsoft announced in November 2021, announced through its product Microsoft Mesh, which is an update to Teams and Xbox game consoles. Nike also launched the company’s own virtual world NIKELAND in November to cooperate with Roblox.


There are many N ft works, some of which are: Amitabh BachChan has launched his NF series, which contains a iconic moment in his pop movie. In the end of October, 10 months of chess tournament, Magnus Carlson won the first NFT trophy since the history.

5. Block Chain Game

Based on the block chain game to make money, play the game while making money in some development and cash-stricken economies quickly popular. Axie Infinity, Mobox, and My neighborice are some very popular games to make money, players can earn and sell Currency game assets and roles in NFT market.

These assets make game players a true owner of their items, thus giving them the value of their true world after sale.