2022 encryption and supervision trend forecast

2021 is definitely a year in the history of encryption, and it is also a year of encryption and continuous maturity. In 2022, which changes will the encryption market will usher in? Many organizations give multiple predictions in encryption, supervision trends, and macro market.

Encrypted market direction prediction

On January 6th, according to the latest data of the digital currency management company COINSHARES, the Encrypted Monetary Fund has emerged three consecutive weeks. COINSHARES said that the total amount of funds from the previous week of encryption industry was $ 32 million, the total flow of over the past three weeks reached $ 260 million, and the overall fund flow of 2021 reached $ 9.3 billion, a 30% homage of 2020. It is worth mentioning that the capital inflow of Bitcoin is the lowest relative to other digital asset investment products. According to the latest research report of GlassNode, the block chain data provider, in many chain indicators, bitcoin general lack of vitality, fluidity is getting worse, and investors’ profitability and periodic indicators are more than one Pessimistic picture. GlassNode concludes that with the balance of bull market and the bear market signal, it is expected to be continuously organized in the beginning of 2022.

Former Wall Street traders, Bitcoin advocate Max Keizer reiterated that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 220,000, but the prediction is changed to 2022 because he did not achieve it for 2021 forecasts. According to a pusher released by Keizer, he believes that the computing power behind the network, ie, the price of the encrypted currency, which means that the new height of the force will be transformed into a new high. Bitcoin’s hash rate increased by 49% year-on-year, from 136.5Exahashes (EH / S) at the beginning of January 2021 to 203.5 EH / S this week, the historic high.

Mikemcglone, senior strategy of Bloomberg Commodities, believes that inflation may replace inflation in 2022. Big commodity sees the top and US Treasury long-term bond yields show that in 2022, the ingestion of inflation is likely to be revived, which will have a positive impact on comparison. Bitcoin will be expected to reach $ 100,000, while gold transaction prices will reach $ 2,000.

Intelligence and Data Company S & Pglobal indicates that encrypted currency and detrimentary finance will continue to grow in 2022. In its latest report, the company studied the current situation of the market and pointed out that although there are still some serious problems that may hinder adoption, the industry will maintain growth in the next year. According to the report, the Currency can also be a powerful force to help people have invested in the assets that cannot be investive without these tools. In other words, Currency can provide the possibility of democratization opportunities. Regulatory will also be an important part of next year, which still needs “a regulatory framework that recognizes the owner and intelligent contract agreement rights”.

CNET is pointed out in 2022 encryption predictions, encryption will further become mainstream; NFT creates new ownership mechanisms; the industry will face larger hacker attacks and greater ransoms; stable coins will play an important role; new encryption rules will boost.

The Salvador NAYIBBBUKELE published a pitchable prediction of 2022. 1. It will reach $ 100,000; 2. More countries will use it as a legal currency; 3. It will become a major election problem of this year’s general election; 4. Bitcoin City will begin construction; 5. Volcanic bonds will be exceeded .

Encrypted mainstream trend forecast

Forkast.News released the forecast for the 2022 encryption industry, it pointed out that there will be three trends: DEFI has become mainstream, the regulatory body will follower; NFT use case continues to expand with the establishment of the Yuan Universe; DAO’s rise will change our lives , Work and participation.

FinchCapital issued a forecast report for European Finance Technology, which reported that Crypto / DEFI became mainstream, and the company used Crypto and DEFI to encrypt the global popularity. The report also said that the increase in investment funds in the field also promotes policy supervision around the world.

Coinbase released 10 forecasts of the 2022 web and encryption economies, including the scalability of the Ether work will increase, but the new Layer1 chain will have a substantial growth; the availability of the L1-L2 across chain bridge will have significant improvement; zero knowledge certificate Technology will get more attention; the regulated DEFI and chain KYC prove will appear; the agency will play a greater role in DEFI participation; DEFI insurance will appear; NFT-based community will bring Web 2.0 social networks Substantial competition; brand will begin to actively participate in MetaVerse and NFT; Web2 companies will awaken and try to enter Web3; DAO 2.0 era is coming.

Canadian businessman, star investor Kevinoleary said in an interview: “I think NFT will make a bigger bitcoin. NFT provides so much value in various use cases of authentication, inventory management, and different asset categories. I prefer NFT related to hard assets, physical assets; I have made major investments in ImmutableHoldings, which has a company launched in January, and Wonderfi, the latter integrates companies in the field of assets. In order to make these everywhere, it has The liquidity NFT can be transaction on any zone chain, and there are still many jobs. These assets will become very large, I think 2022 will become NFT in the first year. “The Block released 2022 forecast: L2 ecology The system will experience higher growth rate than L1; zk-rollups (zkrs) will be more adopted than Optimisticrollups (ORU), while StarkNet is leading people; mining experts predict, by the end of 2022, there will be more than 30 Publicly listed Bitcoin mining companies; structural market experts predict that 2022 may witness the approval of ETHETF based on futures, but not based on spot BTC or Eth ETF. In addition, some analysts believe that the merger of Taiquian 2.0 will occur at the end of 2022.

Regulatory policy change forecast

Benoitcoeure, League Bank (BIS) Innovation Center, recently revealed that the global encrypted monetary regulatory framework may be ready in 2022. Coeure pointed out that, given that the encrypted currency is quickly entering the mainstream, it is now comprehensive supervision. The European Bank’s executive director seems to be particularly worried, and DEFI has pose a threat to traditional finance (TRADFI), resulting in “systemic risk”. Coeure claims that different jurisdictions may propose a fragmented encrypted monetary supervision method, which is inefficient in a global scale. However, he believes that there is still enough time to avoid regulatory arbitrage and build a global regulatory framework for this emerging asset category. Coeure also said that protecting consumers should be the primary task of policy makers. So he proposed to prohibit pension funds from obtaining encrypted currency open to avoid related risks.

A few days ago, Blockfi jointly founded FloriMarquez discussed the future prospects of encrypted currency in 2022 when accepting Yahoo finishes. She said: “In the next year, we will see more US consumers enter this field. Second, we will see” Talent Circulation Utilization “, because Covid-19 popular, many people are changing work, but encryption The currency and financial science and technology are greatly attractive. “She also pointed out that in 2022 may see the supervision is clearer.

Mike McGlone, an analyst Mike McGlone, shared his future prospects for encrypted monetary market. McGlone said that the incentives from Chinese ban and revolutionary technology such as encrypted dollar and NFT, we expect the United States to accept encrypted currency in 2022 and have appropriate regulatory and related bullish prices, bitcoin seems to be at $ 100,000. On the track, we may see a bull market that is suspended, correct and updated. The unlimited supply of statutory currency should maintain prices, especially in the supply limited bittoin and Ethervas, we expect more widely used to overcome most fluctuations, such as 2021. In addition, some of the stock market returns to the normalization of the US Treasury yield may affect the Bitcoin and Equalies in the portfolio. At the beginning of the beginning of 2022, the key issue of Bitcoin is that it is to achieve the peak or continue to consolidate the bull market. We believe that the latter, and in such a world, the benchmark encryption currency is moving towards the direction of global digital collateral. 2022 key support bits may be around $ 50,000, and the resistance is around $ 100,000.

FTX CEO Sambankman-Fried expressed the interview of Bloomberg, not only in the United States, but also in the global, 2022, the supervision of the currency will be clearer. He said that the government’s position will help promote encrypted currency transactions, which greatly promotes the entry of large investors. He also said that in 2022, it will mark the beginning of a major breakthrough in stable coins, SEC and CFTC may participate more.

Stable coin and CBDC prediction

Forkast founder, CEO Angie Lau said that if 2021 is a landmark of the encrypted currency, it is likely that 2022 is likely to mark the earth-shaped change in the field of digital assets, because the country’s digital currency will maintain a strong momentum. In any case, in 2022, it seems to be a breakthrough year of the CBDC. With the increase in the CBDC competition, a key issue is that the currency authorities in those countries can achieve breakthrough in 2022? Those who have launched CBDC, and others Dozens of countries that are seeking development countries can allow private encrypted currency and coexistence? More precisely, do they have such political will? If not, currently in the encrypted currency field, the monetic wave, you can Imagination will become a tsunami. Forbes released forecasts for the 2022 encryption market and block chains. Article said 1. 2022 NFT will become boring. Especially because the mainstream market has a lot of misunderstandings for NFT operations and valuations, people often ignore the true value and usage of NFT. 2. Stable coins will become mainstream. According to the report of the Presidential Working Group, the utilization rate of stabilization currency increased by 500% during October 2021, and this adoption speed does not seem to decrease. 3. Encryption payment will continue. With the major organization such as PayPal, the trend of VISA and MasterCard in 2021 will appear to be permanent. 4. Bitcoin will reach 100,000 US dollars, the increase in inflation, the continued currency loose, and the spread of encrypted assets, points to the following conclusions; encrypted assets will continue to exist.

Sean Stein Smith, Professor of the University of New York City, issued a document, said that the stable coin friendly policy helps to make the industry a breakthrough in the industry in 2022. Smith believes that some policy clauses can and are expected to accelerate the rapid use of stable coins: distinguish stability. To further develop and expand the opportunity to use stable coins, distinguish between stable coins and other encrypted assets. Money competition is a good thing. Competition is a good thing, the best components of different tools will be integrated into any option that eventually reaches the mainstream position. A simpler declaration requirement. The current declaration obligation seems to be more suitable for encrypted assets that have higher volatility than stabilization coins. The Administration wants to pay taxes when appropriate, which is understandable; in this case, this is not a problem. The problem is that the rules that have been implemented seem to have cultivated the main use cases of the tools (stabilization currency) discussed. The article summary said that in 2022, this is the best time to re-examine, revise and improve stability related rules and policies. Providing bridges and entrances for market participants in different professionalism, stabilizing currency can play a key role; effective policies can greatly help achieve this goal.

Macro environmental change prediction

Three insiders said that the Congress Subcommittee is preparing for the hearing to review the impact of encrypted currency, especially bitcoin mining on the environment. The Supervision and Subcommittee of the Energy and Business Commission of the House of Representatives is clearly being developing a license list to explain the energy use of the workload to encrypt the encrypted verification, especially the Bitcoin network. The list of time and witnesses has not been determined, but the hearing may be held at the end of this month. A source discussed before the listening to the Subcommittee said that the Committee became particularly concerned regarding the recent events in New York.

Citi Strategists expect that 2022 global economic growth and inflation momentum will slow down and continue to increase stocks. The strategist including Jamiefahy said that they expect the growth momentum to slow down: With the advance cycle advancement, the risk returns have deteriorated, and it is expected that the inflation of the emerging market is earlier than the developed market. They wrote in the report, turning to government bonds and credits to relative value perspectives, and increases the risk of emerging markets, maintaining the quality of the basic metal, maintaining neutral.

TD Securities believes that in view of the Fed preparation, the US dollar may be strengthened in 2022. Morgan Datong analyst also said: “The most recent speech in the Fed shows that March (raising interest rate) is coming, we continue to think that the risk / return preference will respect this result, so that the US dollar is strengthening in the new year.” At the same time, They expect the euro against the US dollar EUR / USD to be replaced in the range of 1.12-1.14, but there is also a sharp drop in the risks of the interval. Because the rumors of the final trend of the balance sheet may push up the American actual interest rate.

On January 5th, Goldman Sachs believes that as long as the US Federation raising interest rates are gradually progressing, the downturn will be mild. The Goldman Sachs Strategist Zachpandl wrote in the newspaper, and the US dollar would be more likely to fall rather than rising this year. This is a viewpoint of separation. The risk of dollar in early 2022 tends to upstream. The Canadian dollar will perform the best in the G-10 currency this year, and the Australian dollar will be the worst currency. Unless the European central bank turns to the interest rate hike, its policy is normalization will not be able to support the euro.