2022 Five Universe Cosmic Encryption Projects worthy of attention

For those who wish to invest Metaverse, the easiest choice is to pay attention to the faucet MetaVerse because they all have billions of dollars, and have a good long-term prospect. This article focuses on the most worthy of the top five universe items in 2022, sorted by market value, from low to high.

5.enjin Coin (ENJ) – $ 2.1 billion

ENJIN was established in 2009, a leader in NFT field with its popular market. ENJ is an ERC20 to support the Enjin platform. The goal of the Enjin platform is: “Let your individual, enterprises, and brands can easily use irreplaceable Currency (NFT).”

Efinity is the latest project of Enjin, which is based on POLKADOT’s next-generation digital asset block chain. Efinity aims to be a center that can replace and cannot replace the loop, to resolve the challenge of promoting NFT pricing and exchange.

When writing this article, ENJ’s transaction price is $ 2.50. Its market value is $ 2.1 billion, and the 24-hour trading volume is $ 365 million, which is the fifth largest metadious coin of today’s trading volume.

4.Theta NetWork (Theta) – $ 4.2 billion

The Thet describes yourself as “next-to-agent video and entertainment block chain by users”, including a NFT market and a fully open source code available on GitHub. Theta provides an impressive partner for its enterprise verifier nodes, including Google, Sony, Samsung, Coin, Zunchain, etc. According to the Theta official website: “The Thet Block Chain is the only end-to-end infrastructure that provides technical and economic solutions.”

3. Sandbox (SAND) – $ 4.4 billion

Sandbox is currently a leading encrypted metamorphic cosmic project on the market. It has the highest quality 3D MetaVerse built using Unity. Although its transaction volume and market value ratio may be relatively low, please remember that the estimation of the SAN has a billion.

Since the Sandbox has a downloadable client, it has unparalleled quality than other MetaVerse projects.

The sandbox allows users to purchase land and make monetization, providing a gaming experience, including tasks, games, and challenges to get rewards.

Sandbox also has SAND to loops, which is local currency on the platform. When writing this article, SAND’s transaction price is $ 4.4 hours, a 24-hour trading volume of 1.3 billion US dollars.

2.Axie Infinity (AXS) – $ 4.7 billion

Axie Infinity launched in March 2018. One of the most popular block chains. In fact, such a team behind the game has built a complete block chain for the game Ronin.

Axies is a monster with specific features that can be upgraded or traded. Players can use their Axies to fight with other players in the arena and get rewards.

When writing this article, AXS has a transaction price of $ 77.49 and a 24-hour trading volume of $ 520 million. Its market value is $ 4.7 billion, and the circulation supply is 60 million copies.

1.Decentraland (mana) – $ 5.3 billion

One of my personal favorites is one of the pioneers of the 3D Metaverse project is DECENTRALAND, which is a block chain virtual platform that provides a variety of experiences and users to purchase land assets and monetize their monetization. Decentraland has been open to the public since February 2020, which is a 3D MetaverSe project for the longest running time of the encryption. Anyone can view the DECENTRALAND by accessing their official website and connects to the use of Metamask on Chrome. Make sure your wallet is set on the Ether Fishue chain and enjoy the fun of exploration!

When writing this article, Mana’s transaction price is $ 2.85 and 24-hour trading volume is $ 715 million. Its market value is $ 5.3 billion, and the supply supply is 1.82 billion.