Month: January 2022

What is the geometry of the block chain in the millions of trillion merchandise transactions?

Big commodities are the pillars of the global economy. It is difficult to imagine an industry, government or organization exists independently of goods. In order to emphasize their importance, the Government will spare no effort to get batch of rare gold and other precious metals. Gold will be reserved to stabilize the economy during the […]

Why is Russia legalize the stabilization coins supported by the encrypted monetary mining and gold?

A senior member of the Russian Parliament recommends that Russia can legalize the stable coins of government-controlled encrypted currency mining and gold support. This statement is made after the “Russian Bank proposed to ban the use, transaction and mining”, transaction and mining “. Mr Mr MA persists that mining and certain stable coins can legalize […]

What is the lack of cognition of block chain technology?

The block chain is very small as an emerging technology, developing and using block chain technology, and the public’s lack of understanding of the technology also makes it a long way to use a large scale. Lack of adequate skill combinations This skill gap is the biggest challenge. The market competition of the qualified personnel […]

How is the United States taxed in the encrypted digital currency?

An effective regulatory framework will ensure that the US government achieves the goal of tax revenue growth, and can also strengthen the guidance of transactions, use, and investment behavior of encrypted digital currencies. Specifically, the most worthy reference to the tax system of the United States in encrypting digital currencies is mainly reflected in the […]

Asia’s richest ribbon

Asian Rich India Million Mukash Ambani has said that the block chain and DEFI will provide a fair competitive environment for the financial industry. Anaban said: “Today, the financing of the big company is easier, the company’s financing is easier, people are also the same, I think this will change. New oil, data can be […]

2022 continues to travel: five major storage innovation trends are worth paying attention

We all heard about $ 1 billion in futures contract liquidation leads to a 25% story of Bitcoin and Tanfang Pou, but the fact is that since Bitmex has been launched, the industry has been suffering from 100 times leveraged tool, 2016 5 Month sustainable futures contract. The derivative industry far exceeds these retail drive […]

How to change the way block chain technology changes to play games?

The blockbuster technology is widely known, mainly due to the rise of replacement coins (commonly referred to as encrypted currency such as Bitcoin and Emperor Tanfang), especially in 2021, these parties have become the topic of everyone. A new Currency standard called an irreplaceable coin (NFT) has also emerged in addition to the common use […]

Hong Kong will formulate an encrypted monetary supervision plan before July 2022

According to reports, the Hong Kong Financial Authority (Hong Kong Central Banking) intends to establish a new regulatory system for digital assets before July this year. Hong Kong’s regulatory framework will be introduced this summer According to the recent report of Bloomberg, the Hong Kong Central Bank will handle the encrypted currency industry from three […]

Solve the problem of enterprise financing, block chain development from the supply chain

In recent years, the supply chain has solved the problem of financing channels for many companies, but the high loan interest rate of supply chains, complicated procedures, and difficulties in risk of risk. Good in the emergence of block chains, big data, AI and other technologies, it solves these problems, allowing the supply chain to […]