Month: January 2022

Encrypted currency adoption rate rises rapidly?The latest trend of the 2022 block chain!

In recent years, block chain technology has made significant progress in its development and application. The commercial landing of new technologies not only takes the time of precipitation and technology, but also needs to have forward-looking thinking to explore. The block chain is no exception. On January 12, 202, the State Council issued the “Tenth […]

The five major areas of the block chain technology may change in 2022!

The block chain is a distributed database, each of which needs to be approved by the peer network without any intervention of the intermediate mechanism or central organization. This distribution of the database, detrimenting, makes it highly secure and transparent, because multiple nodes in the network have a copy of it. If the database of […]

What is the impact of the number of non-bank payment settlement?

“Payment,” settlement “, will pay the existing digital payment platform, the current bank pay the settlement system, as well as the impact or impact of the payment or even international payment? Digital RMB adheres to M0 positioning, making it the same advantages with cash, ie “paying, settlement”; and better than cash, digital RMB support remote […]

Is the block chain more like a business or a country?

On Arca, we have always asserted emerging industries in the area of ??the block chain (such as DEFI, NFTS, games, and Web3, including its various sub-industries in document storage, cloud computing, and telecommunications) and traditional entrepreneurial companies. Similarity. But there is a department despite the longest time, but it has not met this classification, it […]

What is the block chain?

For decades, the huge potential of the virtual world exists only in the page of science fiction. Today, the “Yuancos” is one of the most popular vocabulary in the science and technology community, and is welcomed by software and game developers from encrypted currency and games to social media and other industries. The block chain […]

How the block chain to center chemical technology fundamentally changes people’s use of technology

Although centralization has always been the core of our technology evolution, it also has largely suppressed the actual benefits of technology. For example, most existing Internet infrastructure, also known as Web2.0, led by a small number of large-scale technology companies. They fully control your online data and behavior, which leads to some problems, such as […]