Month: February 2022

Digital RMB App on New, How does ordinary people play?Raiders come

The digital RMB (pilot version) app on the shelves set off a wave of experience. As of the evening of January 11th, the digital RMB (pilot version) app downloaded from the Huawei application market has increased from the “less than 6050,000 times” on the first day of the line. After the digital RMB experience is […]

Does the block chain are safe in design?

Block chain technology provides several design configurations and applications to enhance security. However, although it has a so-called security advantage, the block chain market has been full of security issues – 2021, the crime associated with encrypted currency has caused a loss of more than $ 14 billion, an increase of nearly 57% over the […]

Google established a distributed computing department to explore the block chain technology

ALPHABET Inc. (NASDAQ: Googl) Google is exploring zone chains and distributed books. The efforts to do for this latest venture capital will be conducted through Google Labs, which is Google’s business unit, accommodating various virtual and enhanced experiments. SHIVAKUMAR VENKATARAMAN, Vice President of Google, was assigned to the distributed deployment department, which manages the department, […]

Eight big predictions: 2022 encryption currency trend is all inventory!

It is undeniable that 2021 is an encrypted currency into the mainstream year. Even if there are a few bad depression to fight prosperity, Bitcoin is recognized as a financial asset rather than some distant, liberal fantasy currency projects. Encrypted currency enters its own field, showing how it can become the evangelion of the economy […]

How does the block chain payment system empower Ukrainian defense development?

According to a report of Elliptic, the block chain tap company, Ukraine’s national defense work has been promoted by the Bitcoin donation in 2021. In 2021, Bitcoin worth more than $ 500,000 is used in crowdfarate government organizations and volunteer groups. This amount represents more than 900% from Bitcoin contribution than 2020. In 2014, the […]

Ukraine uses encrypted currency to support military action!

The Russian conflict is still continuing, Ukraine in the “disadvantage” status has got a lot of assistance, and Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, said that Ukraine will announce NFT programs to support its armed forces, which is Ukraine to invade the country in Russia. Using encrypted assets to raise the latest initiatives of funds. […]

In 2022, there will be more countries to invest financial revenue in encrypted currency?

According to reports, Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil, will invest some of the fiscal revenue in encrypted currency. Its plan is to turn the city into a center of the encrypted currency, in order to achieve this, the city will also introduce other tax preferential policies. Rio de Janeiro will invest in encryption currency […]

Why is the game based on the block chain technology?

Currently, hundreds of millions of online gamers around the world. If these players join the block chain game trend, imagine what impact this will affect the buddh? In addition, such an event is likely to become a gate chain leading to a hundred million dollars in an electronic competitive industry. In order to achieve this, […]

2022 encryption and supervision trend forecast

2021 is definitely a year in the history of encryption, and it is also a year of encryption and continuous maturity. In 2022, which changes will the encryption market will usher in? Many organizations give multiple predictions in encryption, supervision trends, and macro market. Encrypted market direction prediction On January 6th, according to the latest […]

How to subvert the field of wealth management field?

Block chain technology will make it possible to have more transparent, verified and fast processes. There is no doubt that the block chain technology will have a significant impact on wealth management in the next few years. Block chain technology will make it possible to have more transparent, verified and fast processes. Think about how […]