Month: March 2022

Why say that the concept of the block chain is much more than encrypted currency?

In the past few years, we have seen how the block chain is very popular in the finance and investment community. Interestingly, this technology can not only be used in encrypted currencies, but also in other areas such as healthcare, logistics and government. The block chain is a mechanism for creating a distributed book, which […]

How does block chain technology shaped a new look of electric vehicle industries?

Many friends may have no feeling, but the impact of climate change has spread around the world. The first is the severity of the coral reefs in the world in recent years, and this is only a series of disastrous events that have not yet arrived, but have tentacked. In the long run, climate change […]

Sanctions or a catalyst for the legalization of Russian Bitcoin mining?

Since Western countries have gradually implemented sanctions to Russia, many people are discussing whether encrypted currencies can relieve stress. Although some people argue that they can be wound as sanctions, but some people think that this will be useless. Because rubles are not much, the sanctions are not completely isolated in Russia. Director David Carlisle, […]

Report: M & A transactions in the field chain field in the 2021, soaring 131%

According to a report of The Block Research, in 2021, the number of mergers and acquisitions in the encrypted currency and block chain industry increased more than 6 billion US dollars. GalaxyDigital, led by Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratz, announced that it will acquire Bitgo, which will acquire digital asset infrastructure suppliers at $ 1.2 billion, […]

What is the biggest challenge facing the CET industry in 2022?

Bankman-Fried believes that there should be a unified regulatory system for encrypted currency companies to avoid regulatory vulnerabilities. He specifically said: “All of this is just a better encryption. By then, consumers and institutions are comfortable to deal with the digital asset ecosystem, realize the clarity of customer protection and supervision.” On the other hand, […]

Why is PSP22 important to the polkadot ecosystem

Learn more about SuperColony developed the first polkadot standard – PSP22 and its benefits to the entire POLKADOT ecosystem. Standards are critical to the success of emerging technology, and polkadot is no exception. The reason is because the right time to set the appropriate standard help to improve interoperability, and establish trust in the technical […]

Block chain market applications should focus on government and public sector

As a secure distributed book technology, the block chain is stored on thousands of servers. Block chain visibility allows anyone on the network to see each entry in real time. Safety protection is applied by password and a network range. This makes a user (or organization) difficult to manipulate the entire network. When a set […]

latest news!Digital RMB APP open!See what features and experiences have

The official introduction, the digital RMB (pilot version) app is China’s legal digital currency – digital RMB is the official service platform for individual users to carry out pilot, providing digital RMB personal wallets, the opening and management of digital RMB exchange and circulation services. Digital RMB is still in the routine testing phase of […]