Annual inventory: Encrypted currency hero list TOP10

In 2021, the encrypted currency was controversial, and many outstanding characters helped the industries gain vigorous development. DEFI experts and NFT communicators have a place in our annual hero list. Members of the US Senate also strive to the industry at the critical moment.

A recognized fact is: 2021 is the best year of encryption currency. If you just bought the right encrypted currency, its value-added range may change your life, except for this, this year’s currency is still unusual.

In a series of dramatic million US $ hackers, the use of inside information is improper profit, the main network is falling into the influence, DEFI’s innovation is not only in the Emperor. This year, the event on the event of the event on Layer 1 broke out, enhanced the market’s confidence in multi-chain future. This obvious mainstream recognition is mainly due to the topic of NFT, just like the past bull market, the report is uncomfortable by the report, put forward the attitude towards this field, this year is the regulatory body and anti-NFT “right” Storage reserves “do all the year of improving the tide of the encryption.

On the other hand, some people have borrowed the wave in the wave and promote the development of the industry. Some well-known encrypted currency supporters have emerged, including key characters in NFT, US Senate Members, and charity, using value rising.

Today, let’s introduce the top ten in the Crypto Briefing Year Heroes.

Sandeep Nailwal

Sandeep Nailwal is the joint founder of Polygon, which is the most successful extension solution in Tanfri. Polygon gathered in this year: it attracts several DEF I blue chip stocks such as AAVE and CURVE, and the ecosystem now includes a zk-rollups, Matic is one of the best companies in the market.

This year, Nailwal has a quite as an encrypted currency. As the Delta variant new crown virus began to spread in April, he established the Covid-Crypto Rescue Fund to raise funds to help India’s affected people.

Nailwal’s righteousness did not be ignored, the fund attracted a lot of money, including the former Coinbase Chief Technology Officer and Angel Balajisrinivasan and former Australian Board athlete Bret Lee. The biggest contribution comes from the Joint Founder Vitalikbuterin, which is donated to the fund 500 ETH and 500 trillion shibs, and the market value of more than 1.14 billion US dollars.

Covid-crypto reliefund has been using funds raised in good use and still holds more than $ 400 million in an Emperor wallet. In the past few months, it has signed an agreement with the UNICEF India office, providing 160 million syringes for the country’s vaccination activities, and cooperates with several charities in India to need it. People offer ICU bed, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and replenishment packages.

Polygon is one of the pioneers of the Juvenile Currency in 2021. Nailwal is very unfair than the successful Covid-Crypto Rescue Fund.

Cobie & Ledger

Cobie and Ledger have never seen seen because they live on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, but this does not stop them from being one of the favorite two groups of encrypted currencies. They are famous for the Uponly host. Uponly is one of the most interesting podcasts in this field. Since the beginning of this year, they have been inviting the best traders in the field to make a guest, carry out in-depth discussion, and each episode has rich information to help listeners learn successful experience.

The reason why their combination is presented, partly because of the stark contrast between the two: Ledger is a gentle teenager, while Cobie is more like a typical spoken man (he likes LSD, and most of us have earlier Bitcoin’s potential).

Cobie often laughs at LEDger’s transaction mistakes, but in fact, they are more like Guo Degang and Yu Qian like this combination of killing. In addition to Uponly brings us the laughter and information, Cobie and Ledger enter our hero list because of its legendary Twitch raid this year. Activity premise is that cobie joins a live broadcast of amateur musicians and asks to take over the host of the room and invite his Twitter fans to occupy live room. At this time, he encouraged the anchor to download Metamask, then anywately watched the encrypted currency locally will push donations. At the same time, Ledger always provides help with any issues that can be encountered by musicians.

In the most memorable meeting this year, the 24-year-old Melabee has been playing a late Radiohead and Blink-182 cover, received equivalent $ 250,000 Eth, Ren and other digital assets. Kobe also uses his platform to help those who fight against the disease, let them appear in their sight. In this year, fans and other skeptics around the world launched a wrong attack on NFT and a broader encrypted currency space, Cobie and Ledger used their online activities to help some small groups, proved virtual currency and The positive power of the community behind it. PPLpleAsR

Even if you have never heard of PLPLEAAASR (true name emilyyang), you are also likely to come into contact with her artwork. In 2021, she created a history, let several encrypted currency people boarded the cover of “Wealth” magazine, but her starting point in this field is some top project for DEFI. Earlier this year, when she cast the publicity film created by UNISWAPV3 into NFT, she donated her 310 ETH to the charity to support minority groups. The value was worth more than 5.25 million.

However, she really plaque is an appearance in the “Wealth” magazine. “Just a year ago, I haven’t worked yet, I am worried about the income.” She wrote on the Twitter in August. “I hope that my story can motivate others, I am not explained on the encrypted currency community. Yu. “Yang used her personal deeds that NFT has the ability to change millions of creators and collectors around the world.

BORED APE Yacht Club / Yuga Labs

There are a lot of winners in this year’s NFT, but there is a project excited to be the lead – Bored Ape YachtClub. As a 10,000 traceable monkey in the Emperor, Bored Ape YachtClub has become a representative lifestyle brand, with its own product series, activity series, and cooperate with companies such as Global and Adidas. Yuga Labs is the founder of Bored Ape YachtClub. By arranging favorable charted airdrops for NFT holders to strengthen the brand, it is said that 20022 will be launched in Currency and games. It is true that the success of Yuga Labs is largely due to the community of Boredape holders, including STEPHEN CURRY and JIMMY Fallon and other celebrities. However, this is mainly because it takes a strategy that first rewards its community.

Another most popular NFT avatar series is the Cryptopunks of Larva Labs, which is also a mainstream this year, but its route map is not so compelling. In May, Larvalabs won 80 million US dollars from a basically no new intention of Meebits, some of which were assigned to the Punk holder. The two behind the project also signed a Hollywood protocol, which will allow NFTs to appear in movies, television, and other media, but is limited thereto. Since then, the Larva Lab has been busy publishing the copyright excerpt notification to protect its main project, and Yuga Labs clearly stated that the community is its largest priority. Result BREDAPE Yacht Club is already the most fashionable NFT series in less than a year. If Yugalabs continue its good results starting in 2021, it will soon become the most valuable PUNKS.

Sam Bankman-Fried

Since in 2017, Sam Bankman-Fried has supervised one of the top-level trading companies in this field, creating FTX to Coinbase and Binance strong opponents, and become the richest people under 30 years old. He can achieve all of this, partly because he is flexible like a machine, so that he can play the League of League from the transaction to the podcast between the blink of an eye. But equally, Sambankman-Fried may be one of the most diligent people in this industry. He likes to sleep directly in the office so that he will seamlessly connect from the rest, and FTX is always the first exchange of the currency to create a market to return to the incomplete trader in the field of encryption.

As a loyal advocator of Solana, Bankman Fried released an unforgettable essay in January. When Solana was transferred to the price of $ 3, he proposed all SOLANA to buy another trader. Holds, this move is unintentionally implied that Solana will rise. Since then, Solana has risen 6,500%. In addition to the advancement of Solana back, this year, Bankman-Fried also tried to develop FTX brands by vigorous marketing exchanges in the sports industry. However, it seems to be more interested in bringing the encrypted currency to 1 billion users (notably, he plans to donate most of the $ 220 billion in most US dollars by effective landlock) . If FTX and Solana continue along the trajectory of 2021, Bankman-Fried is likely to use large-scale encrypted currencies in his career. Senator Ron Wyden, Pat Toomy and Cynthia Lummis

“Regulatory” is a major theme of encrypting currencies this year, especially in the United States. It can be said that the biggest progress in this year is to focus on the 1.2 trillion dollars of infrastructure bills, the drafting of the bill includes a fuzzy wording on encrypted currency tax policies and encrypted currency “brokers”. This unclear definition means that the miners, interest-related provenors, and DEFI protocols, may be bound by too harsh tax rules.

Although the Biden government supported the original draft, Senator Ron Wyden, Pat Toomey and Cynthia Lummis insisted on the need for more clear definitions to the encrypted currency “broker”, won the Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, Coin Center, and other key encryption Support for monetary community members.

The House of Representatives finally passed the draft of the encrypted currency, and Biden signed its signed a law, but Wyden, toomey and Lummis did not stop fighting for an amendment to encrypting currency innovation. “Digital Assets will always exist in our financial system. We now make a profound impact on the future. We need to promote innovation, rather than stifling innovation,” Lummis and Wyden submitted a new bill, including Amendment to the Encrypted Money Tax Report Requirements.

Vincent Van Dough

Like many other Email whales become JPEG enthusiasts, Vincent Vandough has done a lot of work in promoting NFT development. They have established the best and most valuable JPEG collections in this field, and their new purchase behaviors are considered to be worthy of attention. In the peak period of NFT, they even collaborate with three arrow capital, launched a NFT fund called StarryNight Capital.

However, it is really attracting that they are in the fierce debate on NFT, with a group of community artists’ gambling. This year, members of many communities stand out against NFT, they are made of vague boundary, and if the NFTS is not worth it, I think that individuals have stolen from artists when they use their own works.

In order to challenge and confronted this point, Vincent Van Dough responded by casting a NFT montage, a self-satisfied Pei Frog used multiple “stolen” community art, the title is “legal litigation materials” and “call: 1800- “SUE-ME”.

This NFT has caused anger of community members, this is the intention of Vincent. They proposed to pay $ 5,000 to the works of NFT. The Vincent is what you have to do is casting their works on the Emperor and income them into the wallet.

Vincent forced critics to shoot. If they accept his proposal, they will admit that they think that NFT is a scam. This view is wrong. If they refuse, they missed $ 5,000, and their arguments about NFT have no value. There are no people in them accept this part of income, and Vincent is still dominated by NFT today.


Real name Samsun, if you have used DEFI on the Emperor, Samczsun may save you from a major vulnerability in the past. Sun is the most populated white hacker in DEFI, so that the information from his late night “you got up?” Has become the most worry about every Solidity developer.

Sun has worked in Stripe, Wish, and Trail ofbits, and is currently one of the top-level venture capital companies in the field. In his years of independent safety researchers, Sun has saved billions of dollars for potential losses due to intelligent contract vulnerabilities and safety defects for the DEFI community. Only in 2020, he found that Curve, Synthetix, Kyber Network, Nexus Mutual, Ethere Muthervice, Yearn.Finance et al., Etc. This year, he found a key vulnerability on Sushi’s MISO Currency Launch Board, found a zero-day vulnerability on EtherScan, and a key vulnerability was found on the independent CLI client geth of Ethereum. The Tanfang is running, because Samczsun justice will be used for public welfare. At least in the dark forest of the Tai Square, few people are more equipped with the title of “Hero” than Samczsun.

Caitlin Long

Caitlinlong is widely considered to be one of the most influential women in the area of ??the zone chain, which is widely known as leadership role in drafting and conceiving the pioneering zone legislation of Wavemond. She is a senior person working in Wall Street for 22 years since 2012, has been active in the encryption of monetary industry since 2012. Although the US regulatory situation on encrypted currencies is far relaxed, Long is one of the female spokespersons in the industry, driving the entire industry to develop in the right direction.

She helped Wyoming through 24 laws that were conducive to encrypted currency, making it one of the most friendly places of the United States to encrypting currency companies. Wyoming is also the first state government authorized to authorize new state government deposits, which can keep encrypted monetary assets and provide banking services for block chain companies.

In July, Wyoming became the first state of the United States to recognize DAO states and gave the same rights as DAO and limited liability under Long guidance. In addition to her tired legislation, Long often appears in the podcast, carefully planning the column on the twitter, helping the industry in the industry to understand the current situation of the entire industry.

Daniele Sestagalli

Daniele Sestagalli is a legendary leader of “Frognth” (Frognth), which is a hidden local society, condemning what it thinks is the center of DEFI. This can include venture capitalists and The agency to the concentrated stable currency and dependent on their so-called dispersion agreements. So why Sestagalli can enter our top ten heroes, because he is popular and loved. This is because he built Abracadabra.Money, POPSICLINANCE and, these three innovation projects are “DEFI 2.0”. The SESTagalli is also known as its speech on Twitter, which recently turned the uninformed bystander into a frog, and helped his audience team. Like the snowball, the more rolled down (when the reporter interviewed, he had more than 221,000 fans, far more than six months ago). Recently, after the project is facing monthly internal issues, Sestagalli stands forward. Can he save DEFI from “Corruption Current Power” and still to be observed. In any case, we believe that he can call it hero.