What is the block chain chain technology?

The use of block chain technology is largely driven by the underlying capacity and function. As developers continue to innovate and utilize this technology, the number of blockchain projects is steadily rising. In addition, as the number of block chain users increases, it is necessary to allow interoperability between various block chains. Since there is […]

Annual inventory: Encrypted currency hero list TOP10

In 2021, the encrypted currency was controversial, and many outstanding characters helped the industries gain vigorous development. DEFI experts and NFT communicators have a place in our annual hero list. Members of the US Senate also strive to the industry at the critical moment. A recognized fact is: 2021 is the best year of encryption […]

Why Web3 is related to the block chain

Internet has two phases to date: Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. The next stage is natural is Web 3.0 (referred to as Web3). This article talks about my preliminary understanding of Web3, what is it. First, history review Web 1.0 stage, the user is a simple content consumer, the content is provided by the website, […]

Why say sanctions will lead to more countries to use Bitcoin as a legal currency?

Sanctions will accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Sanctions have been used by international organizations as a subtle means for controlling a country. This concept is also used by countries to deal with other countries, as a means of control, such as the United States to sanctions against Iran and North Korea. These sanctions often take […]

The Russian central bank will collect encrypted currency transaction data between individuals

The Russian Central Bank (CBR) plans to obtain information about the transfer of funds between private banks, including customers who transaction encrypted currency. This measure may affect online encrypted currency traders – regulators accuse these trading business illegal operations. Central Bank will check the encrypted currency transaction between Russians As part of the efforts of […]

How does the block chain change digital services?

Block chain technology is one of the most focused technology today, it is entering the digital business. It is likely to change the digital industry in data storage and management. Briefly, the block chain is distributed in distributed security storage in the network. This storage is open source and point-to-point (P2P), which is not controlled […]

With a Bitcoin “take off”: becomes possible with encrypted currency in Latin America

Headquartered in Colombia, FLAPZ announced in early November that it will begin to accept the use of encrypted currency to book business flights and related products. The CEO of the Air Company said in an interview with the media that the company has accumulated a value of approximately $ 89,200 in November. The FLAPZ system […]

Why is the WEB 3.0 is the Yuan Universe?

If you are not just overlooking the virtual reality helmet, 3D virtual world, online games or Hollywood movies in the miraminated future scene, but look back from yourself, you may be surprised to find: The Internet is the Yuan Universe. You can see many digital worlds that have been around you: they integrate online and […]

Detailed five major layered architecture of the block chain!

Because the block chains eliminate the existence of the central management institution, all transactions must be strongly protected, and the data must be safely stored on a distributed book. Distributed Base Technology (DLT) Working on the preset protocol, various computers (or nodes) on the network reach a “consensus” to verify transaction data. Each node is […]