No need to network!Mobile phone can complete the payment of digital RMB

According to media reports, recently, my country’s independent digital monetary wallet has passed the test, the digital monetary wallet adopted the “China Core” technology independently developed.It is reported that the digital monetary wallet supports the collection, balance, and transaction information query, showing, but also integrates health code. Director of the People’s Bank of China, said […]

US House survey the energy impact of encrypted currency

The House Committee will study encrypted currency and its energy demand this week. This is another view of Congress to encrypting currency. Narrate Energy use of encrypted currency has been reviewed for a long time. On Thursday, the House Energy and Commercial Committee will hold a hearing on the “Energy Impact of Cleanup Encryption Currency: […]

The block chain is reshaping the real estate industry!

In recent years, the word “block chain” can be described as hot. It is essentially an open source classification technology that creates a complete transparency in the economic system, and now the block chain technology is a major impact on transactions in real estate sectors. Real estate transactions authenticated through block chain have become an […]

How does block chain technology protect digital identity?

Today’s traditional identity management system is highly concentrated, causing multiple third-party service providers to control your data. This problem can be clearly seen on multiple existing social media and e-commerce platforms. On these platforms, users no longer be able to individually control their personal information, causing their confidential data to be leaked and abused. Current […]

What kind of roles do zuncha technology play in the real estate field?

“The block chain is the biggest opportunity we can think of in the next decade.” – Nasdaq CEO Bob Grafeld Industry experts pointed out that block chain technology will eventually make changes in all fields. So far, we have seen undeniable evidence in the fields of finance, games, logistics. At the same time, the impact […]

The first traditional bank in Europe is incorporated into its encryption business

According to the news, BBVA Switzerland branches announced that the ETH is added to the bank’s portfolio as part of it expanded its encrypted currency product. As early as June, BBVA Switzerland provided Bitcoin (BTC) trading and managed services to all private banking customers. BBVA Switzerland is a branch of Bank Bank Bank, Banco Bilbao […]

Collaborative relationship between multi-angle analysis of block chains and antitrust

Laws and technologies have overlap in many ways, but scholars and regulators often pay attention to the incompatibility between the two. It is also recommended that they also explore the synergy between laws and technologies, and solve friction with a way to protect them. This exploration should begin with block chains and antitrust. In recent […]

In 2022, the prospective and acquisition of the acquisition and trend judgment

Ryanmcculloch said in an interview with Blockworks, in an interview with Blockworks, in an interview with BlockWorks, will continue until next year. He emphasized PayPal’s acquisition of Curv, and Curv is a digital asset security infrastructure provider based on cloud computing. According to the data of ArchitectPartners, this transaction announced in March, worth $ 200 […]

How is the block chain technology use?

When the 21 most popular technological trends involved, the block chain is no doubt is one of the leaders. The entire concept of the block chain was initially developed to support the encrypted currency of Bitcoin. However, the block chain has developed into a large source of power of many encrypted currencies and may become […]

The regulator has turned his gaze to stabilize coins?

Stabilization currency is a digital currency that is hooks with an asset (e.g., dollar) of value fluctuations, so it is more consistent than the encrypted currency. Stabilization coins can also be hooked with the price of the goods, such as gold, and achieve price stability by mortgage or through the algorithm mechanism of the sale […]