Block chain technology supports the orderly operation of the Yuan Cosmic Economic System

According to Bloomberg information, by 2024, the market size of Yuancai will reach 800 billion US dollars. Puhua Yongdao predicts that the market size of the universe in 2030 will reach $ 1.5 trillion. Recently, China’s World Youth Summit and Shang Tang Technology, Enhanced Reality Technology Industry Alliance (CARA) jointly released the “Yuancai” Broken Witness “: Make Ensulent Manifold for the World.”

Although there is no unified definition in the industry in the industry, it is generally believed that the Yuan Universe should be “immersive, open, anytime, anywhere, and economic system” four basic commonality.

Exercise: The World Universe World is the same as three-dimensional stereo, while the experience in the virtual world should approach the sensory experience of the real world.

Openness: Open Source of the Open refers to the opening of the platform refers to the opening of the platform. The Yuanhe Universe passes the “Standards” and “Agreement” to perform different levels of packages and modularization of the code, and users of different needs can be independent innovation and creation in the Yuanhe Universe, build the original virtual world, and constantly expand the border of the Yuan Cos. At the same time, the foundation of the Yuancosian is still the Internet, and the nature of the Internet is connected and open. The virtual world that is independent of each other, is incompatible, cannot bring the ultimate experience.

Easst: anytime, anywhere: Users can use any equipment to log in to the metacular universe, and immerse them anytime, anywhere. At the same time, the Yuan Universe must support large-scale online.

Economic system: Yuanhe should have an independent economic system and operational rules, people can have their own virtual identities, and conduct content creation, social entertainment, value exchange. There is no doubt that the closed-loop operation of the economic system is the power engine that drives and protects the changing and developing of the Yuan Universe.

“Three pictures” know the Yuan universe

The first picture: deconstruction of the universe

Yuancai must establish above advanced digital infrastructure

The “immersion” of the Yuan Universe “Altext” “Altext” is not only proposed on network transmission and computing capacity – through low-delay network connection, and the cloud side is calculated, reducing performance requirements for terminal hardware, Really sensory experience and large-scale users simultaneously online demand, enhance the accessibility and immersion of the Yuan universe; artificial intelligence through the content production of the universe, distribute the application of the whole process, accelerate content production, rendering content, and improve content distribution and Terminal application efficiency; block chain technology supports the orderly operation of the Yuan Cosmic Economic System, guaranteeing digital assets and digital authentication, and assist the transparency implementation of system rules.

Creating an ecology by building content, producing high-efficiency productivity tools, reconstruction and activation of production relations for the content of Yuancai content

Content creation Ecology includes software systems for data layers, technical layers, and tool layers, which is a core engine that builds and generates digital content of the Yuancai; and also includes the establishment of an open source opening, community construction and operation, etc. Ecological effects are further refactored and activated.

Create the maximum value for end users by creating content application ecology

Compared to the traditional Internet, the metacular universe has emphasized the application value of the content, that is, helping end users to solve practical problems, hooks with the user’s real needs, including increasing user experience, including increased application-edge efficiency, forming value closed loop. The content application ecology contains two parts, one is how to generate the massive content to accurately touch users, meet user needs; the second is to form real-time feedback systems through the perception and interaction of application scenes, to help production side to increase efficiency, continuous innovation and improvement, Create maximum value for users.

Second picture: three core starting hands

Applications: Breeding entity economic development is the goal

The Yuan Universe is not only an independent and parallel virtual world, its meaning and value is also the connection and interaction with the real world, and empower the real economy, and improve people’s life experience. As a new stage of information revolution, its mission is here: using information technology upgrades and fuse, continuously expanding the breadth and depth of physical world to virtual world maps, promoting data production factors, and enhance entity economy Doctors “efficiency, improve people’s life experience

Technical starting: AI driver is the key

First, artificial intelligence is a strong energy generated by the content of the Yuancai. Second, artificial intelligence is the “broken man” in the virtual world. Third, artificial intelligence to improve human-computer interaction experience.

Pattern grip: platform enlightenment is the foundation

Whether it is AI model production, intelligent computing, network connection and other infrastructure construction, or Yuan Coso related technology R & D and research need to invest a large amount of funding and human resources. By centralized construction, platform chemical enrollment can significantly reduce user margins. Cost, improve the production efficiency of Yuancai.

The third picture: six core elements

The six core elements of the Yuan Universe include three basic elements “people”, “objects”, “field”, and “creation”, “connect” and “symbiosis”. “People”, “things”, “field” is the basic element of the elevated cosmic ecology, is defined by the “creation” element, driven by the “Connect” element, reshaped by the “symbiotic” element, in other words: “Created” Elements define the basic form of “people”, “objects”, “field” in the universe through code, create a virtual digital space parallel to real-world, and presenting interaction technology such as VR / AR in front of people.

“Connect” element through the algorithm can not only activate the relationship between “people”, “things”, “field”, driving the intelligent development of Yuancai, and also break the “secondary wall” of true world and virtual world, further Expanding the connotation of the Yuan Universe, from the independent parallel entertainment Yuan universe to the virtual fusion industrial universe, urban metamorphic direction.

The “Symbiot” element expands the boundaries of the Yuan Universe World through the ecology. The “Create” and “Connect” The World Universe World is a huge, complex giant system, can’t be monopolized by a business, but a crystallization of countless creative subjects and associated organizations. Unlike traditional chain value, in the Yuan Cosmic World, the different subjects are closely co-integrated, shared, and symbiosis, thereby forming open, organic ecosystems.

Overall, with “people”, “things”, “field” creation and connection capabilities, build a metacular universe open ecology through symbiosis, while driving as a technical starting with AI driving, empowering economic high quality Improve the people’s life and life experience, will be the key to the development of the Yuancai industry.

New change leads new trends

Trend 1: Creative Upgrade

With the development of artificial intelligence, the intelligence level of digital content will continue to increase. AIGC (Ai GeneratedContent), which will become one of the main productive forces in the industry by artificial intelligence or build content. Low code, zero code, automation generation content will be the main trend, which will greatly reduce the creation threshold and create costs. It turns out that only industry experts can use creation tools, and everyone can use it easily, and the creative market will go from niche to the public.

Trend 2: Calculation Upgrade

The integration is the cornerstone of the evil development. The Yuanhe Universe passes the integration of the intelligent economy through the integration industry, governance and scientific research of core technologies such as artificial intelligence, AR / VR, Internet of Things, and block chains, and promotes the high-quality development of intelligent economy, and the application of these technologies will become future integration. The core driver of development. It not only promotes the huge demand for computing resources, but also brings structural changes in calculating deployment methods. Therefore, the “cloud-edge-end” synergistic pattern of intelligent (heterogeneous) calculation (referred to as AIDC) will become a Yuancai The main trend of calculation of the upgrade.

Trend 3: Intelligent upgrade

The Yuanhe Universe will be a complex huge system, which not only shows the data volume of ultra-high concurrency. Due to the upgrade of the information dimension, the information complexity will also present the index level, far exceeding the human brain calculation limit. “FoundationModel” is considered to be one of the important ways to solve complex large system issues. Digital breadth and depth brought the geometric increase in complexity, and countries have invested a lot of funds and research and development power, BERT, DALL-E, GPT-3 and other basic models in the base model. AI research is experiencing a paradigm Change, the era of the base model competition.

Trend 4: Experience Upgrade

With the iteration of information technology, our five senses (visual, auditory, tactile, taste, feelings) will be digitized one by one, the dimensions of information are gradually increased, making the digital content constantly approaching the sense of sensory experience, more real immersion Sense; at the same time, human-computer interaction also interacts from indirect (mainly by controlling machines such as buttons, mouse keyboards), to the AR / VR media era, we can get through gestures, sound, body motion (including limb movement, eye movements, facial expressions, etc.) Direct interaction with the machine; with the maturity of brain interface technology, we can even use the brain wave control machine. Overall, our experience will get better and better, it will become more and more closer.

Trend 5: Business Upgrade

Under the development trend of Yuancai, our social, our business, our information acquisition methods, and content production and consumption will emerge in new innovation mode assumptions 1: “Digital Assistant” or will replace the app to become people Get the super entry for information and service. Suppose II: Scenestive social situation will become the main form of social universe socialization and derived huge commercial value. Suppose III: Immersing business will be the main form of Meta-Commerce. Trend 6: Treatment Upgrade

Relying on the connotation of the Yuan Cosmic Technology to build a new type of urban governance, it will change the underlying logic of urban planning, construction, management and service, and inject new vitality into urban governance. By opening up and integrating multi-source data such as CIM, major public service systems, urban entrance perception, creating urban digital complexes, achieving the whole country, accurate mapping, virtual real interaction, and global insights.

Trend Seven: Civilization Upgrade

The development of technology is the driving force for civilization evolution. We are in an important junction that has been in digital civilization from industrial civilization, and the extensive deployment of new infrastructure has promoted the rapid development of information technology, and the depth of data elements. This process not only brings the flourishing development of the digital economy, but will also promote human civilization towards new steps. Therefore, from the technical point of view, the Yuan Cosmic Civilization will be a new development form of human civilization.

The development of technology should also stick to the bottom line of ethics. In the new civilization development phase, we must propose a new technical ethics, exploration technology, individual, and three balances. Not only can the technology itself is available, reliable, can be controllable, let people go trust it, use it; and should also be able to make progress to the society and seek well-being for human development. The civilization it creates should be diverse, equality, open and inclusive, in line with the value concept of human fate community.