Block chain technology will subvert the digital advertising scene

Online advertising, also known as online marketing, internet advertising, digital advertising or online advertising, is a marketing and advertising form using the Internet to deliver promotional marketing information to consumers.

In the past few decades, there have been many changes in the marketing industry. Many technologies come, but experts believe that the block chain may be the most impact on digital advertising sectors. Although many professionals searching in the marketing industry are not familiar, in order to maintain competitiveness, understand how this technology is almost essential.

This year’s global spending is estimated to be $ 300 billion this year. The global digital advertising expenditure achieved 2.4% moderate growth in 2020. In order to penetrate the saturated search engine and social media, digital marketers have begun to give priority to personalized all-channel experiences to attract their audience.

However, it may be difficult to carry out these activities, especially considering the increasing concern about privacy. This is when the block chain can be adapted, and more and more digital advertising areas are being mastered.

The core of the block chain is a decentralized database, and the transactions between the two areas can be implemented without a third-party verification. Most applications in the block chain are launched around finance and encrypted currencies, but underlying technology may be huge for marketing.

Using the block chain more trustworthy advertisement in the digital advertising scene

It is undeniable that one of the most exciting things in block chains is privacy. With many large and small companies draw data from customers, the block chain is changing the digital advertising scene by eliminating this part of the consumer. Taking the Brave browser as an example, it is changing the way the user is interacting with the online advertisement.

Brave users are not simply submerged by online advertisements, but choose to view advertisements and earn basic attention to cards (BAT) for their interaction.

This is a new way to see advertisements, the value of online focus, rather than simply selling trading space for potential advertising. Even the brand like Unilever, Nestl¬®¬¶ and McDonald’s uses this technology to improve the visibility of its digital marketing activities.

Block chains are more transparent and true

The public classification of the block chain can achieve the transparency of each product in each stage of the supply chain. One of the issues faced by big companies is consumers trust. Consumers are skeptical about a lot of things from the food from the source of food to the production of products.

The block chain will make huge power to the customer, thus improving the customer experience. Digital advertising scenes use block chains so that consumers can understand where, for example, where the meat he bought is from.

Better digital advertising expenditure in the advertising scene

The block chain provides a trustworthy, verified framework. The framework accurately reflects the true value of advertising spending through online advertising. It can exclude a large number of intermediaries that have emerged, verified, and source attributable services, of course, their share is of course included.

The block chain can also help solve safety and fraud by logging the location of the advertisement. This is why digital advertising communities are developing tools to reduce or eliminate chaos around online advertising expenditures. It is estimated that this can save tens of millions.