Can the block chain helps copyright “breakout”

On February 14th, the China National Intellectual Property Office issued the “About the” Ice Mun “” Izon “,” Gu Ling “,” Into the “Ice Mun” “Gu Ling”, etc. 43 trademarks such as “Snowdon”, “Gu Ling” have been invalid. At the earlier, the “Fairy King” suspension of the privileges, China’s knowledge network infringement defendant … For a time, the incident of trademarks, copyright, intellectual property is constantly seen in the media report.

Some people will copy the copyright as a contract that flows in a digital network world. Although my country’s efforts to fight violations are very strong, long-term, my country’s copyright industry has still stayed in trouble in the predicament of registration protection and authentic rights rights.

In October 2021, the Central News Network Office will be clearly pointed out by the “Notice of the Organization Declaration Zunchi” issued by the Central Propaganda Department and the General Office of the State Council, and the pilot of the provisions of the organization. “” “Encourage the relevant industry authorities to formulate Copyright Information Access Standard, and in the form of public trust node access, participate in copyright zone chain construction, explore the use of technical means fixed rights information, complete copyright certification, registration, transfer and other process operations, speed up the trace source, reduce copyright pledge Financing certification is difficult. “

As a new technology, the block chain can solve the pain point of copyright? What kind of chemical reaction will they be with cultural and technology?

Cherker copyright

The innovation of technology, the booming cultural industry, making content creation more easily. More and more creators, people in infringement are also uncommon. For the creator, it is difficult to create, but the infringement is very easy, and the work that has been grinded is infringed in the network. Just as the fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie said: Writing for more than 40 years, 30 years is right in rights. How to protect the copyright of the creator?

Error is a premise of copyright protection, only proves that the work is yours, in order to carry out rights. The difficulty of defending rights is correct. One of the important features of the block chain is to determine the copyright belonging, using the block chain, and perform authentication. Taking pictures copyright as an example, through picture authentication, infringement monitoring, online infringement, and legal minimum compensation, the entire system can protect the original original person. This is the case, text, video is also true. “Block Chain + Copyright” can effectively solve the value of the creator.

Once the copyright dispute is generated, this block chain will be recognized by judicial. Article 11 stipulates that Article 11 of the Supreme People’s Court issued by the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues of Supreme People’s Courts Regulations: “Electronic data submitted by the parties, via electronic signature, trusted timestamp, hash value, block chain Technical means for collecting, fixing, and tamper-resistant or through electronic evidence, can prove that their authenticity, the Internet court should confirm. “

Some copyright protection platforms not only put the block chains, but also connect to the authoritative judiciary, establish alliance block chains with the Notarization Office, Judicial Appraisal Center, so that the user’s work data forms a hash abstract synchronization to each node, work The survival can be synchronized, while the network infringement can be delivered online, this forensic process is also notarized, and the rights protection becomes simpler.

The copyright protection of the second creator

The development of network technology allows cultural industries to collide with young people. These collisions occur in network literature, and in short video, in the cultural idea, everyone may also be a creator. In addition to original, each creator’s copyright should be protected, including secondary creators and merchants.

For the second creator, he will face two questions because of the original IP, he will face two questions, first of all, how can it be more convenient to get these authorizations, followed by his creation or recognized , Protected, whether their labor is also known in the future. For merchants, whether they are doing physical products or doing virtual products, how do they consider how to get more suitable for themselves, how to customize it with their own industries.

“Every person’s creation and ownership can be combined with the technology network, recorded, protected, measured, and even when problems can be traced, and when there is a problem.” President Lin Yifei said.

“On the block chain platform, an IP has become a product through creative, eventually producing sales, everyone sees all data in a block chain. This enables all contributors to complete the chain with actual sales effects. Division. “Lin Yifei said,” That is to say that my IP helps your business or business, earn more me more, if IP is not so good, then I have not so good, then I It will also be less. The whole IP costs in the flow link, and the entry threshold is therefore dropped. This collaboration model will let more people participate in it. “

What is the future?

The biggest feature of the block chain is that the copyright is permanently authenticated. When a new innovation occurs, it can be fixed through the block chain, and the permanent authentication can be obtained and will not be affected by the copyright or other impact. Some people think that the emergence of the block chain will change the world. In this regard, Li Ming, director of the China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, proposed different opinions, “The benefits of the block chain are safe, because security is low, because the cost of trust cost is more, collaborate, more economical There are many exchanges. However, the block chain is not sufficient to change the world alone. “” The core elements of the block chain in the digital economy are data. The new generation of information technology in the block chain is the tool for processing data, and data-based data is formed. Service, thereby constitutes activities in the digital economy, which is from the technical perspective. “Li Ming believes that the block chain is from the technical attributes. There is a key issue in which the traceability has a key issue. How to find the key and unique technical features, take the source of wine as an example, and the zone chain has only increased the fake cost to solve the traceability problem. “The physical copyright” is necessary to extract the key to the key technical characteristics of the real assets, just like people’s DNA, these technologies have nothing to do with the block chain. The blockbus chain must be with DNA life project, chip electronics engineering Other technical fusements, block chains only solve the paragraph of the chain, if you want to integrate different technical means in a different area. The possibility of chain chains change the world is really too small. “

Of course, whether it is still in the future, our demand for copyright protection is strong, and the country will also introduce more laws and regulations to improve copyright protection. The block chain is the most effective technical means, combined with the innovation of justice, its effect on copyright protection is obvious, at least more effective alternatives, looking forward to more technologies to protect our copyright.