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How will the Ukraine situation affect the encrypted market?

Ukraine is currently in the sixth day of Russia’s invasion, this invasion has caused global attention and threatens to change the world order. Just like any assets, the encrypted currency market has also been affected. Due to uncertainty, it has affected harmful. However, this invasion has brought more positive long-term prospects to encrypting currencies. Ukraine […]

US National Taxation Bureau issued an encrypted monetary investor tax guide

Overview: 1. The US Taxation Bureau issued a guide on how to use 1040 tables. 2. Purchase encrypted currency with real currency and holds an exemption. 3. In recent months, encrypted currency tax is attacked due to its lack of clearness. The US State Taxation (IRS) released guidelines for helping people submit an encrypted currency […]

What regulatory challenges are facing block chain technology?

The block chain technology has a few years in recent years, but the application range is still limited. In fact, in addition to technical conditions, another major obstacle to the block chain is lacking regulatory clarity. The existing regulatory system cannot keep up with the rapid development of block chains and encrypted currencies, there is […]

Nigeria District Block Chain Technology Association calls for supervision of the encryption industry

Nigeria District Block Chain Advocates the Nigerian District Block Chain Technology Association (SIBAN), encrypted currency is legal and must be regulated. The group added that any such supervision should encourage innovation on the one hand and on the other hand. Equality to get banks and financial services Nigeria District Block Chain Advocacy Group Nigeria Block […]