Difficulties and issues facing the Essence of Yuancai

In the eyes of a thousand readers, there are thousands of Hamlet, the firemark of Yuancai Concept, many traditional Internet companies and block chain entrepreneurship teams have begun to pay attention to this new field, from the Facebook to Microsoft, have announced to join the Yuan Among the ranks of the universe, even the domestic direct media began to science the universe, a large number of trademarks about Yuancai trademarks have begun to register, and some yuan in the universe-related courses are also selling online, we will go back now, The Yuan Universe has not started, and the capital has already smells the layout.

What is the Yuan Universe?

Yuan Yin is a lot of newers who want to understand this – actually understanding is very simple, it is the virtual digital world built on the Internet. The initial Yuan universe and online games are based on the Internet, but the main feature of online games is the game, and the Yuanhe Universe can include the game, and it can contain existing Web 2.0 applications, such as web browsing, Online shopping, online chat, video conferencing, financial investment, education and training, etc., even in the Yuancai world, you can also take some takeaway, these are actually the services provided by the existing Internet.

Hardware level

If we come from the basic hardware level, the actual Yuan universe provides a new form of access to the Internet. I used to use the computer to access the Internet website, conduct news reading, chat, watch video, etc., after the arrival of the Internet, we Use the mobile phone to use Internet, mobile payment, sharing bicycle, mobile games, etc.

The biggest concept of Yuancos is to provide new terminal access methods, making the original content more avatars, the most critical is the maturity of VR and wearable equipment technology, VR is first used for film industry, then slowly in close After a few years, it has penetrated into the game industry. After new crown pneumonia, the VR video conference became a new trend. At this time, people also realized that the impact of VR on the Yuan Universe, the main feature of VR is strong, while operating and real-world Compared to more intuitive, it is easy to get simple, it is possible to provide better experience, that is, people can get rid of the dependence of existing planar equipment in the world of universe.

It is also because VR and wearable devices have the importance of the Yuan universe. The market development space currently has more than 10 billion. Similarly, 5G, GPU, cloud computing, big data, AI, etc. are also essential factors, and GPU vendors Ying Weida and AMD are also focused, and this industry chain includes chip design, manufacturing and other enterprises Come to a certain development opportunity, and the corresponding data calculation class can be developed in the universe concept and hotspot. Cloud computing and big data have become auxiliary of Yuancai infrastructure, a large number of 3D rendering and human-machine interactions need Data calculations, this is the user-end device that cannot be completed, so it can only be used to provide an experience of the virtual world with the user’s user’s experience, the corresponding article will be 400 100 million market space.


In theory, most things we have in contact on the Internet can be put in the Yuancos, including games, medical, industrial, education, entertainment, shopping, finance, etc., according to most institutions. The content level involves more than the Yuan universe actually, but does not necessarily fall, because some parties have close relationships with the current social development.

For example, education, the arrival of the Internet makes online education possible, but more than ten years have passed, online education is still just a auxiliary way, and school education is still the main education method.

It also rely on the emerging detrimentary financial industry of the block chain technology has also been developed in the past few years. The block chain technology can realize the right to virtual assets in the Yuancosian user, and the various virtual assets on the Yuancai It will also be recorded on the block chain in the form of NFT and is applied in various scenarios, but due to the influence of hypere, the impact of hype is considered in terms of policy, the current is mainly based on the coin block chain. Mainly, this makes the domestic metamorns of the universe to entertain, and the Yuan Universe has also fallen to the new Internet entrance, not the entrance of the new value.

Obviously, the giants still build their imagination with the idea of ??the Internet. They develop cheap three-dimensional world, with simple copy paste to attract a large number of users in, and finally rely on the existing Internet Value models to increase stock prices, but it is difficult to produce new profit points unless they are cooked by the previous big data to kill the routine to make various concepts of packaging. It is essentially those who have previously used.

Difficulties and problems

The same national government is also more biased to existing industries, preventing its new industries, the scorpity and geographical differences of previous resources, so that people enjoy different services in different places, although the rise of the Internet can get rid of a part of the region The influence, forming a desired blow, but in the metamorns of the universe can further reduce the occurrence of such a phenomenon, such as the video conference of the Yuan Universe can form a large educational training site, which will seriously affect the existing education system, so it is inevitable Will get a certain specification. Whether there is a problem with the Yuan Universe, the block chain NFT in the Yuancai World although the virtual asset has its own value, but also improves the threshold of the next income, the prophets must enjoy the development of the times. The bonus brought, the people added later are the poor in this new world. They must need more opportunities to break the corresponding barriers, so the addition of Internet giants is both a good thing, and it is also a bad thing.

There is also a metamorphic product developed by different groups may be incompatible. The giants have formed their own island effect. They are like existing Internet products, which is also a more troublesome problem. Repeat the wheels, all I want to lead the market. According to past experience, there may be 2-3 unicorn in the end of the industry, and the back will become a victim, the market will start – development – overheating – foam crack – Mature process.

Yuan universe and encryption

Although the Yuan Universe has certain similarity, the main difference is that the encrypted assets will be the birth of the old project in several cow markets, and the production of the new project is low, there is no Implementing large-scale applications, technology is also updated, so the block chains and encrypted monetary industries can have higher development prospects and expectations, and the encryption industry is actually a self-circulating process, after receiving several rounds of beef bear. It will constantly attach the attention of capital, and the current ceiling of the Yuan Universe is also more obvious. It still can’t get rid of the new bottle of old wine.

Then we can predict that the development of the final Yuan universe may have a certain differentiation. The most important difference is about encrypted currency and encryption assets. We can probably speculate on the first one is the main leader of the main leadership. The main purpose of the Internet giants is to build a platform for users to use users, attracting a large number of user groups to participate, and then form their own user traffic, and ultimately similar to the current Internet pattern, that is, traffic changes, The problems in the Internet will also be staged.

The other is the virtual value asset-based yuan, and all the capital will continue to speculate and use funds to develop virtual assets, and carry out the value of the brand, even if there is a giant in the area of ??the block, but between them Wood will also be charged in a similar intelligent contract, combined with Web3.0, give more options to users, will abandon the monopoly of traditional Internet giants, form an open world, of course, the problem is also It is much more places where spending money, and it is easy to come first after the gap.


Is the Yuan Coyong formed a new unified virtual world? This is almost impossible. The current Internet still has a border, and there are different internet ecology, and there is still a lot of cross-regional exchanges. Contradiction, people’s different living habits, religious customs, etc. are difficult to fully integrate in a short period of time, and the state’s form will continue to be preserved in a very long time, which is similar to when Facebook wants to issue libra, The opposition of many countries, this is already a cross-border.