“Digital Renminbi” in the Winter Olympics: Domestic people prefer to pay convenient and efficient, using scenario to meet epidemic prevention requirements

21st century economic report reporter Chen Zhihang report

During the Winter Olympics, digital RMB is popular with a day.

A Bank of China Beijing Branch revealed that the Winter Olympics held, many people have downloaded digital RMB APPs and application card, bracelet hard purse, and more than a few foreign countries participating in the Winter Olympics also participated in.

“In contrast, domestic people use digital RMB consumption payments, mainly based on the convenience of digital RMB, and overseas people are more privacy protection of digital renminbi.” He told reporters. In addition, many people believe that using digital renminbi can achieve non-contact payment, further meet the Epidemic prevention requirements of the Winter Olympics.

It is worth noting that the reason why the people used digital RMB enthusiasm during the Winter Olympics, and they also benefited from the use scenarios of digital renminbi.

Previously, the central bank’s business management department held the 2022 work meeting pointed out that the number of the digital RMB Winter Olympics scenes realized the seven scenes full coverage, the landing scene is 403,000.

In many digital renminbi industries, the Winter Olympics is becoming a new opportunity for digital RMB popularization promotion. At the same time, how to make people use digital RMB enthusiasm and become new challenges.

Li Liquan, a leader of the China Internet Financial Association Zone Chain, said that as a low-carbon high-efficiency preferential currency tool and payment tool, digital RMB should fully reflect its social value and economic value, and must achieve scale reliable applications. The premise of scale, one is that the underlying technology meets the standard, and the other is the application scenario.

“To some extent, the scene is scale, the more scenes, the larger the use of digital RMB.” Li Lihui pointed out.

The reporter learned that the relevant departments are currently steading into the scene expansion of the digital RMB in the full test stage. Previously, the US Mission offline consumption has opened the digital RMB payment channel, that is, the user can pay and receive exclusive consumption subsidies through digital RMB when purchasing fresh, taxi travel, watching movies, etc.

“Digital renminbi is used in US group catering, buy food and other scenes, indicating that the digital RMB has achieved remarkable results in the full test phase. In particular, one is the increasing optimization of the underlying technology, enough to meet the digital RMB pay for different merchants of different scenarios. Settlement needs; the second is that the digital renminbi began with more efficient combination of more and more high-frequency living consumption scenarios, and began to serve the physical economy and people’s lives. The Economic Development of Enterprise Entity.

In a person in charge of a third-party payment agency involved in cross-border payment services, during the Winter Olympics, the digital RMB received a wide range of foreign users, indicating that the digital RMB has taken into account the protection requirements of individual privacy, in the future. Digital RMB laid a good foundation in cross-border e-commerce payment.

The reporter learned that some financial companies are currently working with institutions such as Central Bank Digital Monetary Research Institute to jointly explore the technical reserves and feasibility analysis of digital RMB payment and settlement, and strive to realize the digital RMB receiving system in the abroad. More country areas landing.

Why is the digital RMB “welcome”?

Due to the provisions of Winter Olympics, only VISA and cash payments are supported in the Winter Olympics. For many people who have used WeChat payment with Alipay, this provision will undoubtedly bring certain consumer payments.

“Fortunately, the digital RMB is just effective to address certain inconveniences carrying cash or bank cards.” The Bank of China Beijing Branch told reporters. Digital RMB belongs to the sovereignty currency issued by the Bank of China, which may not be restricted by the above provisions, so many people have downloaded digital RMB APP after entering the Winter Olympics, and use digital RMB to carry out various types of consumption payments.

The reporter learned that in order to maximize the use of digital renminbi, the relevant departments continue to promote bank acceptance, business, personal consumer ends during the Winter Olympics, full coverage, to extend the digital RMB consumption scenario to 40.3 Wan, covering “food, live, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment” and many other life scenes.

Many Beijing people revealed to reporters that there is currently a convenient and efficient payment of the use of digital RMB to pay for the traffic, shopping malls, cultural tourism, or medical and health.

The reporter also learned that the number of digital renminbi in the payment of the sub-anonymity and efficientness, and also attracted many foreign people who participated in the Winter Olympics.

“During the Winter Olympics, many foreigners are in the digital RMB hard wallet in different styles, try to pay with digital RMB.” The aforementioned Branch of the Branch of China disclosed.

The reporter learned that in order to facilitate foreign people to use digital renminbi during the Winter Olympics, the relevant departments have made many optimizations for them to download the digital RMB APP operation process, such as using Apple mobile phone foreigners, just register the China Apple ID, Through overseas mobile phone numbers to search digital RMB and download the digital RMB app, quickly open digital RMB wallets, exchange digital RMB spending with cash or bank card; use Android mobile phone foreigners Digital Download Page to download and install digital RMB App. At present, digital RMB APP supports nearly 100 Winter Olympics to register and open wallets. “After several days of operation, we have found that many foreigners use digital renminbi, on the one hand, which is curiosity, and on the other hand, they are particularly favored by small payment anonymity, which can effectively protect their personal information privacy.” He Pointed out.

In the view of many digital renminbi industries, if the digital RMB is a good experience for the foreign exchange of foreign countries, the application exploration of digital RMB pays with a settlement of cross-border e-commerce payment.

“At present, the new trade of foreign trade in cross-border e-commerce is in the payment settlement link. It is facing the higher handling fees of international wire transfer and slower funds. If the digital renminbi can be popular in the field of cross-border e-commerce payment, It can greatly improve the efficiency of small and micro enterprises in cross-border e-commerce, and can effectively reduce their collection costs and help these foreign trade new technologies better develop. “A foreign trade enterprise cross-border payment service platform person in charge pointed out . However, due to the transactions involved in foreign trade in foreign trade in cross-border e-commerce, settlement links are more complex, and the digital RMB wallet service capabilities of overseas cooperative banks are harmful. Relevant financial institutions need to provide financial supervision and compliance operation requirements for overseas countries. A more complete comprehensive pilot program design capacity.

“Fortunately, there is a good experience of foreign people’s use of digital renminbi.

Promote digital RMB integration into daily life

In the insiders, how to continue the digital RMB in the Winter Olympics, it has become a new challenge.

“This requires the continuous expansion of digital RMB consumption scenes.” A third-party payment institution office, a third-party payment institution, is expressed in a third-party payment agency business, is expressed. Especially in the case of the Winter Olympics, the digital RMB APP user downloads and uses the continuous growth. If the consumption scene is insufficient, the digital RMB payment experience and use of the people may affect the enthusiasm of the number of the people; the anti-consumption scenario is wide enough, it can be more effective Develop the number of people’s digital renminbi usage, speeding up the frequency and popularization of digital RMB in daily consumption.

The reporter learned that since the digital renminbi on the year, its sub-wallet has supported the promotion to the US group, Jingdong, Billion, dripping, Tmall supermarket, Ctrip, SF, online country network, iQiyi and other more than 50 platforms Covers to eat and drink more scenes such as drinking, food and clothing, etc.

“Currently, the platform that can be used to open digital renminbi in the whole scene is still in number.” He said. The reason, one is that the different industries and many merchants involved in the full scene are extremely complicated to make the digital RMB trading and settlement links; the second is that the digital RMB wallet service capabilities of different banks have a difference, and the platform is required to provide corresponding customization. The pilot plan, which does not meet compliance operations and fully experience the consistency of merchant settlement experience.

The US group has made a large number of exploration attempts to introduce the digital RMB payment in more than 200 lines of catering, takeaway, fresh retail, sharing bicycles, US groups, hotel tourism, movie performances, and leisure entertainment, etc. This is also a full-scene coverage of the digital RMB first realizes the local life service platform.

The person in charge of a US group revealed that the US group made a lot of work: First, in the application scenario of digital RMB livelihood, improve the business accepted the environment, and do it in transaction records, bills show and other links Many optimization, gradually orderly open operation, to ensure the steady development of the full-time scene discharge pilot, and the second is based on the provisions of the iszer wallet specification requirements of the central bank’s relevant departments, combined with the digital RMB wallet service capacity of the bank, not only The rules can realize the consistency of the merchant settlement experience.

The relevant person in charge of this US group pointed out that under the guidance of the relevant departments, the US group will continue along the development direction of “Green Popularity + Consumer Scene”, in more business scenes, digital RMB pilot activities design and exploration, help digital RMB A better service entity economy and the people live.

In the view of the above-mentioned third-party payment mechanism business, if the digital RMB scene expansion capacity is effective “cohes” in the Winter Olympics scene, it will undoubtedly promote the further integration of digital renminbi into the daily life of the people, increase the popularity of digital RMB in daily life. With the scope of use.