Digital RMB App on New, How does ordinary people play?Raiders come

The digital RMB (pilot version) app on the shelves set off a wave of experience. As of the evening of January 11th, the digital RMB (pilot version) app downloaded from the Huawei application market has increased from the “less than 6050,000 times” on the first day of the line. After the digital RMB experience is released, how can this “crab” eat for ordinary people? The reporter did a measured experience.

Registration: The mobile phone number can “unlock” digital RMB

On January 4, the digital RMB (pilot version) app opened in Apple, Android and other big app stores, facing Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi’an, Qingdao, Dalian and Winter Olympics scene (Beijing, Zhangjiakou) The people in the pilot area are fully open.

The reporter did not measure the discovery, enter the mobile phone number and verification code, set the payment password, and then enter the custom wallet name, the public can choose the operational organization to quickly open the four types of anonymous wallets, the entire registration process is less than 1 minute, no need to enter the whole process Name, ID number, bank card number, etc. Sensitive personal information. Currently, users can choose from industrial and commercial banks, agricultural banks, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings, China Merchants Bank, NetShang Bank (Alipay), Membership Bank (WeChat payment) and other 9 operations.

“It is not as bloated and complicated as other payment software. The digital RMB app is very simple. There is no messy advertisement, and the interface is also very easy to understand.” Dada said that this is the digital RMB (pilot version) app phase. For the biggest advantage of other payment applications, I hope that subsequent versions must not add redundant features at will.

The reporter saw that the digital RMB (pilot version) Application interface, the wallet balance is the “turn” and “payment” two buttons, click “turn money”, then fill in the mobile phone number, you can travel to other digital wallets Transfer money. Click “Receive”, you can pay the payment code to the merchant. There is also “collecting money”, “turn money”, “sweep”, and click “Collecting”, there is a collection Code, others can pay this code to pay for users.

At the same time, the pilot version retains the test version of the “slip payment decline” for the old users, slipping the payment, decline receipt, and restores the process of cash payment.

Experience: The wallet is to recharge, and cannot be directly deducted from the bank card.

How to play digital RMB? First, learn to recharge for personal digital renminbi wallets. This is also a major difference between digital renminbi and other electronic payment: Although the digital RMB APP can register and bind bank cards as WeChat, Alipay, but must be charged by recharge, and cannot be drawn directly from bank accounts.

At present, the personal digital wallet is divided into four levels according to customer identification strength. Among them, the four types of wallets can only be registered, and the personal digital wallet balance is limited to 10,000 yuan. The single payment limit is 2,000 yuan, and the accumulated payment limit is 5,000 yuan. The three types of wallets need to provide valid identity documents, the upper limit of the balance is also increased to 20,000 yuan, the single payment limit is 5,000 yuan, and the accumulated payment limit is 10,000 yuan. The second type of wallet needs to be bound to the personal bank account. The upper limit of the wallet balance is increased to 500,000 yuan, and the single payment limit is 50,000 yuan. The accumulation payment limit is 100,000 yuan. A type of wallet does not have any transaction restrictions, but the requirements are the most strict, in addition to filling in mobile phone number, ID card, my bank account, but also to the operator’s site sign.

The reporter saw that after successfully opening a personal digital wallet, the user can recharge the money package through the bank card and transfer to the mobile bank. If the user chooses to charge money through the bank card, you need to enter the ID card information, complete the face identification and add a bank card number, complete a series of operations, four types of anonymous wallets are automatically upgraded to two categories. From the transfer of mobile banking, you can jump into the APP of multiple banks, pop up the shortcut recharge page displayed with wallet numbers, and enter the specific recharge amount to be used.

Scene: Eat, drink, play, can be used, banks do not receive personal service charges

“Drip -” is accompanied by mobile phone contact NFC induction zone, the subway gate is opened, and the red card plane of the digital RMB traffic card is popped up. On January 11th, the reporter experience found that using the digital RMB traffic card, even if it can quickly pass the gate even in the mobile phone lock screen. Out of the subway, you can automatically deliver from the digital RMB wallet without recharge. The specific deduction quota can be inquired in the transaction record of the digital RMB wallet.

In addition, in order to facilitate the user to consume online, a sub-wallet is also set up on the app, which is scaled, and the password will be paid. I don’t want to use it or cancel the push. “Transferring cash withdrawal fee is awesome!” Li Liang, a citizen, said.

According to the incomplete statistics of the reporter, the cot wallet in the current digital wallet has been supported to the US group, Jingdong, Yichang, dripping, Tmall supermarket, Ctrip, SF, Suning Tesco, online country network, iQiyi more than 50A platform, covering a number of scenes such as drinking, food and clothing, etc., and a single and day accumulated payment ceiling in different platforms is different.Take a take-selling as an example, the reporter test, the sub-wallet is pushed to the US Mission App and enter the payment password, and the payment limit within a single 500 yuan can set the payment limit and day accumulated payment limit.Open the US group to choose a takeaway business order, and the payment method of “Digital RMB” will appear in the payment column.

article> Recently, Xiaomi Mall announced that the United Naima’s Stars have completed the online full scene layout. The pilot users can use the digital RMB to purchase goods in Xiaomi Mall app and some Xiaomijialine; China Unicom is alsoRecently, the full-time digital RMB recharge payment on the offline business hall.In the future, more scene applications will open.