Digital RMB APP releases 1.0.4 update, consumer red envelope balance can be displayed separately

On January 26th, the digital RMB (pilot version) app recently released a 1.0.4 version update in the iOS / Android platform, increasing the prompts of the consumer red envelope, can demonstrate the red envelope balance independently.

In addition to the new consumer red envelope prompt, the 1.0.4 version has the following updates:

Login password retrieved, support faster to find password

Improve the screen reading accuracy, improve accessible services

Fix other known issues

According to the official introduction, the consumer red envelope is not displayed in the balance balance, and the user can check and receive the consumer red envelope in the “red envelope”.The consumer red envelope is available for use, and the user can view the red envelope usage condition in “Service-Red Packet-Use Restriction”.

Digital Renminbi (Pilot Edition) App is China’s legal digital currency – Digital RMB facilitates the official service platform for individual users, providing digital RMB personal wallet opening and management, digital renminbi exchange and circulation services.

At present, many cities across the country have issued digital renminbi red envelopes, new features can better remind users to use red envelopes to improve user experience.