District block chain technology will innovate advertising industry?

Fraud, lack of transparency and user trust are three most common questions related to digital advertising. However, with the development and expansion of block chain technology in social media advertising, the opportunity of advertising fraud is decreasing.

Social network based on the block chain allows digital advertisers to more accurately track KPI and advertising impression, ensuring that advertisers have a transparent understanding of their results for actual manual generation rather than robot-induced results. In addition, block chain technology provides excellent data security and privacy advantages. Therefore, the block chain advertisement eliminates the user’s data to the advertising company to put the relevant advertisements to them.

In addition, with platform native currency, these networks provide updates and safer opportunities for marketing staff to collect user data. For example, marketing companies can reward users to exchange their shared data. In this way, users can get returns from their contribution, while advertisers and marketers can get information from the source.

Social platforms using block chain technology detritionally eliminate the friction of advertising channels. Advertisers no longer need to create a separate advertising account, then wait for the central organization (such as Google) to conduct advertising verification, so that the company is easier to establish contact with their audience, and use them only by creating exciting content. To enhance their post.

At this stage, we can assume that based on the above factors, the detrimentary, block chain-based social platform has a bright future in the social media. The popularization of block chain social platforms is easy to appear in one or two years, because there is still not mature technology, it is unable to migrate the entire system that is found on centralized social media to the distributed platform.

For example, a centralized social platform allows easy access to user databases to supplement marketing and advertising strategies. We are standing on the way of the social media and the advertising industry revolution in the block chain. However, there are many innovations and technologies that need to be developed before the democracy of the social media can be conducted on a large scale.