Eight big predictions: 2022 encryption currency trend is all inventory!

It is undeniable that 2021 is an encrypted currency into the mainstream year. Even if there are a few bad depression to fight prosperity, Bitcoin is recognized as a financial asset rather than some distant, liberal fantasy currency projects. Encrypted currency enters its own field, showing how it can become the evangelion of the economy and bottom line to the government, financial institutions and general companies. Non-homogenized coins (NFT) brought zoom chain technology into mainstream culture, attracting buyers who are not interested in financial encrypted currencies. Moreover, the millennial generation is no longer the only group that floods into the investor.

Therefore, it will not be described again. The following is 8 predictions on the currency of the 2022.

Encrypted currency becomes mainstream: how many Americans have or have an estimate of the encrypted currency, but 12% to 13% of the scope seem to be the results of the most fair investigation. With the increase in the choice of investment in banks, hedge funds and other advisers, rich and institutional investors seem to be incorporated. Bitcoin may be in a downturn in the price, but due to Square, PayPal, Venmo, Robinhiod, and other options that do not require a registered exchange account or purchase cold wallet, ordinary people buy the largest encryption currency is getting easier.

Shanzhai currency is ready: Bitcoin and Emperor Square are becoming more widely known, at least in the millennium / z generation and people interested in encrypted currencies. With BTC and Eth become the mainstream of investment, people will increase in encrypted currencies in the top 10 to 25 of the previous rankings. I look forward to hearing a message about Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche, Polygon, Algory, and other important investment coins. The result of doing this may be that the dog currency and its followers like the Chai Bin will disappear.

Stabilization currency will usher in supervision: December 2021, Meta (formerly Facebook) Noviwallet announced in whatsapp trial Paxos stabilization currency payment, which is not very different from Facebook. As early as 2019, this global non-state currency can be shocked by the 2,3 billion customers of Facebook, so that politicians, finances and fiscal officials around the world and the central bankers are shocked. They are worried that this will destroy the national currency and the government’s control of the financial system, making the virtual bank’s operation more likely, and releases a plague in the overall financial institution. They quickly realized that paxos / whatsapp just changed a name, the supervised hammer will fall.

The digital dollar is still walking: there are many signs that countries around the world have more and more attention to the central bank’s digital currency – basically the digital statutory currency issued by the country, and compete with stabilization coins and payment encrypted currency. Jamaica announced the introduction of digital currency in the first quarter, and Mexico’s goal was to launch digital pesos in 2024 to start a new year. Most major economies from EU to India and large developing countries are serious research retail and wholesale CBDC. In fact, in addition to the United States, almost all countries are serious research. The financial ministers Jane Titone did not decide, and the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell believes that there is no need. The Fed will fall, but the digital dollar will change from “if” to “when” in 2022.

Encrypted currency and traditional big financial cooperation: The largest banks and financial institutions are providing Bitcoin investment in rich customers, providing a hosted solution, and considering the use of encrypted currencies to carry out backend settlement – some are private, such as Morgan Datong The block chain stabilized coin JPMCOIN is a commercial solution, such as the International Payment Company Ripple. The encrypted currency and block chain of financial institutions and investment companies are recruiting, and the executives understand that they need to understand it. Government regulators from all over the world are planning how to supervise the encrypted currency at the retail and institutional level, not whether it is to kill it.

DEFI will be selected: Going to the centralized financial will show its advantages and will be booming this year, but it will face two crises. First, supervision. This may be a process of more than a year, but the government does not like the financial market they can’t control. They may not prevent the existence of decentralized exchanges and loan platforms, but they will definitely become illegal use. Second, the middlemen of the Financial Institution (FI) will use block chain tools that bring a lot of advantages to DEFI, but there is also the benefits of centralized management. Either way, consumers benefit once.

NFT will penetrate into cultural: in the fields from art to games to legal and financial areas, such as real estate and asset calls, non-homogenized Currency has too many potential purposes. In addition, there are many benefits for those who want to adopt them. Artists and musicians can establish auto-edition taxes in any of their production, and real estate sellers will be able to divide property ownership through NFT Currency, which greatly expands their buyer groups at all levels.