Encrypted currency adoption rate rises rapidly?The latest trend of the 2022 block chain!

In recent years, block chain technology has made significant progress in its development and application. The commercial landing of new technologies not only takes the time of precipitation and technology, but also needs to have forward-looking thinking to explore. The block chain is no exception.

On January 12, 202, the State Council issued the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” Digital Economic Development Plan, which mentioned that the promotion of digital industrialization, enhancing key technological innovation capabilities, targeting sensors, quantum information, network communication, integrated circuits, Key software, big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, new materials, etc.

In fact, since 2020, the development of the global digital economy has been significantly accelerated, and the “new infrastructure” representative represented by the 5G and block chains, the block chain and the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. Frontier technology depth fusion, block chain technology has also continuously deepened applications in all walks of life, giving birth to a large number of new technologies, new products, new applications, new models, industrial ecology is more prosperous, and the entire block chain produced huge Innovative vitality. In addition, the issuance of central bank digital currencies is also a referred to, and the block chain application scenarios are increasingly rich, and the era of all-round empower business changes and economic development has come.

According to the development of the current block chain production, the following trends may occur in 2022 block chain development:

1, NFT will accelerate digital assetization

Currently, block chain technology is changing a more exciting future: an irreplaceable Currency (NFT).

NFT is a revolutionary new way to buy or sell digital assets of real world items. All NFTs are unique, can not be replaced or exchange – they can only purchase, sell, deal, or gifts by the original owner / creator of the asset.

Digital assetization is conducted through the chain, making authentication and protection of digital items originally developed. In the past, digital items such as game equipment, virtual gifts were stored in servers in game service providers, and players did not actually have them, and they also face problems such as damage, stolen, black market transactions. With the block chain, developers can create rare virtual items and ensure their scarcity, users can safely, be credible and transaction their own items.

The possibility of NFT is endless – these banknotes may have a significant impact on the future of digital ownership. In addition, in the next few years, you may have to use NFT to purchase everything from the art to the car.

More importantly, NFT will accelerate the trend of digital assetization. Compared to traditional assets, block chain digital assets have many new advantages, including transparent and credibility, encryption security, programmability, cost and time, simplifying rights management, allowing some ownership, etc., is considered The Important Basis of the Future Development of Digital Economy.

2, faster and more convenient transactions

Due to the security of block chain technology, hackers or malicious tamper trading is very difficult. The data is highly safe and trusted through the block chain, which means that the transaction has a much faster than today’s world, and will not affect security.

The bank and financial services industry is moving to a full digitization pattern. Recently released “” Tenth Five-Year Plan “Digital Economic Development Plan” also mentioned that the digital transformation of key industries should be fully deepened. Planning requirements Accelerate the digital transformation in the financial sector, to promote the deepening applications of large data, artificial intelligence, block chains and other fields in banks, securities, insurance, etc., development intelligent payment, wisdom network, intelligent, digital financing, etc. Sustain the digital RMB developing and conduct a controlled pilot in an orderly manner. It is also predicted that block chain technology is increasingly welcomed in financial professionals, and 66% banks are expected to put zirchen chain solutions into production in the next three years.

In addition, the block chain can also bring 24 * 7 all-weather handling transactions in the future. This technology can make companies, governments, and consumers to trade at any time.

3, encrypted currency adoption rate rapid rise

In 2021, the adoption rate of the company in the world has shown an explosive growth, and Salvador and other countries will set the Bitcoin as a legal currency. In 2022, there may be more Latin American countries (such as Panama, Cuba and Paraguay) to accept encrypted currency. According to the global encrypted currency of CHAINALYSIS, the adoption rate of encrypted currency has increased by 880% in the past year.

Like Paypal, MasterCard, Starbucks, Amazon, VISA, and many other major participants are in different stages of the encrypted monetary test project, and manage encrypted currency transactions on their payment network.

In the final analysis, the penetration rate of encrypted currencies is getting higher and higher, and should be attributed to its growing effectiveness. There is also an activity of online communities such as Twitter, Discord and Telegram. These communities have become the main channels of novice and project parties and senior investors, so that they have further understanding of the project and strengthen their trust in encrypted currencies.

4, block chain technology is increasingly mature

In people’s predictions, 2022 not only the encrypted currency will reach an unprecedented height, and the block chain technology behind the encrypted currency will also be large. Gartner, a well-known independent consulting firm, has previously stated that emerging technology is changing us to define and use the concept of the platform. The block chain technology will expand the concept of distributed general ledger and is expected to change the business model of the industry. The Gartner predictive zone chain technology will become mainstream technology within 5-10 years. And in 2022, only 10% of companies will achieve thorough changes by using block chain technology. According to data company IDC predictions, by 2022, 30% of companies will use conversational voice technology to develop and serve customers; 15 million people will have a block-based digital identity; 70% of new applications will use micro service Architecture to improve design, debug, update, and utilize the ability of third-party code. In addition, the global block chain solution expenditure will also reach $ 11.7 billion.

5, Yuan Cosmic Age

The “cornerstone” of the block chain is more prominent

At the end of 2021, the Yuan Universe was hot, and even considered the future of the Internet. In general, the “Yuancosian” is a virtual world parallel to real world and highly interoperable, including AR / VR, cloud computing, AI, 5G, block chain, Internet of Things. Among them, the block chain is seen as “infrastructure” in the era of Yuancai, relying on distributed books, intelligent contracts, distributed storage, NFT, various encryption algorithms, etc., to establish “trusted” to the Yuanhe Universe Basic network, through the “consensus mechanism” incentive users to distribute distributed creation, contribution, and collaborate, ensure user virtual assets, the security of virtual identity, and realize the value exchange in the metacular universe, and ensure the transparent implementation of the system rules. Relying on the block chain to play series and activation, it is really let the Yuan universe become a fusion, ecology, see, and touch the existence.

With SNAP, Ying Weida, Meta, Microsoft and other companies have used their most advanced products to support Yuan universe, and the Yuan Universe will might us to usher in explosive development in 2022. Goldman Sachs previously pointed out that block chain technology and encrypted currency must become the core of the Yuancosian. This is correct, the block chain technology can be used to identify any unique virtual objects without the involvement of the central organization, and ownership is critical to the operation of the metamorphic.

6, block chain and IoT integration

The block chain is very compatible with the IoT concept because it is ideal for creating interactions between machines and transaction history. Due to the automation, encryption, and non-variable characteristics of the block chain column account and the database, it may help solve many problems around security and scalability. Especially after 5G construction, the connectivity between the intelligence, networked devices and appliances has strengthened the need for the use of the block chain.

7, block chain “green chemical”

The block chain may consume a lot of energy and produce high carbon emissions. Based on this, in 2022, the industry may attach great importance to the “green” block chain attempt, there are several ways:

First, it is carbon offset, which is a relatively viable solution.

Second, it is a block chain technology model that requires a low energy intensity, for example: Ether as the Emperor Plan to turn to POS (Proof-Stake) mode in 2022.

Finally, it is a more green operation mode, that is, the demand for energy is growing, which will lead to more investments for renewable energy, and then used for other applications and operating block chains.

8, block chain application in vaccine manufacturing and tracking

New crown pneumonia that spread globally will continue to be a priority for the entire 2022. Block chain technology has several important potential use cases in vaccine tracking and distribution. In the world that is well known fake people, the block chain means that the zipper chain can prove the authenticity of the vaccine transport, and they can be tracked to ensure they reach a predetermined location. In addition, it is also possible to ensure the integrity of each link in the supply chain, for example, to ensure that a batch of vaccines is always stored at the correct temperature (this is a must-have condition for many vaccine storage).

It is foreseeable that the 1222 block chain technology will usher in a bigger breakthrough, play a greater role in the manufacture, distribution and management of the vaccine.


For the block chain industry, the 2022 block chain technology will usher in greater breakthrough, and the block link will not be in a single enterprise or limited ecology. In the future, the blockbuster of block chains will make us see a new block chain era.