Field explores the status quo of digital RMB: business can not understand, the bank is watching, how far is the popularity of the peach?

The first working day of 2022, the digital RMB APP pilot version was officially launched. As long as you are in 11 pilots, including: Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi’an, Qingdao, Dalian and Winter Olympics (Beijing, Zhangjiakou) can pass Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO and other mobile phone application markets are searching for download.

At the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, the digital renminbi will be officially displayed in the Winter Olympics China to exhibit “business card”, which is widely used.

A large number of prepared work is in full swing. On January 19, the People’s Bank pointed out in the Pilot Working Group meeting of the Winter Olympics. At present, the main account, bank card, mobile payment, this foreign currency cash, digital RMB and other payment service preparations are well, will be internally abroad. Provides high quality, efficient, safe payment services.

Under the air, the capital swarmed to: Digital RMB concept stocks Cuiwei shares (603123) Have a daily limit of 11 daily limit this year, Xiong Emperor Technology (300546) and Xinku (300248) have also harvested 20 cm to the year, reflecting The optimistic expectation of the main funds on the digital RMB.

Recently, Rui Rui Consulting analyst visited Shanghai People’s Square to explore: What is the current acceptance of digital renminbi? How do people such as banks, merchants and consumers, how to see digital RMB?

01 Digital Renminbi is easy to use?

Opening a digital RMB is simple, divided into three steps:

First, after downloading the digital RMB app after the mobile application market, the GPS positioning is required to confirm, and the open pilot only supports 11 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and users in other regions cannot be used in advance.

Secondly, if it is confirmed that it is a pilot area user, it can be found at ICBC, China Wank, Bank, CCB, Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank, Postal Savings Bank, NetShang Bank (Alipay), Membership Bank (WeChat). A digital wallet is opened by a mobile phone verification.

According to the upper limit of the balance, a single payment limit is on the line and other transaction restrictions, and the digital wallet can be divided into four categories. The initial number of digital wallets is the lowest level four-class wallet, and the transaction restrictions are most. The three categories and second types of wallets only need users to bind valid ID cards and bank accounts. They can be upgraded through mobile phones, and the highest level of wallet needs to bring valid documents to operate under operation. .

(Source: Digital RMB APP)

Finally, after “recharge” for the digital wallet, we can use the “touch”, “sweep”, enter the wallet mobile phone number or number to turn money, complete the operation of payment.

(Source: Digital RMB APP)

The digital wallet is open. It is very simple. What is the actual use?

From the B-terminal, the digital RMB online merchant has been basically covered. Ali is hungry, the box, the Tmall supermarket and other platforms, as well as large Internet platforms such as Jingdong, US Mission, have opened digital RMB payment functions.

Underline commercial homes, Rui Rui Consulting analysts visited the streets near Shanghai People’s Square, and found that digital RMB is far from the popularization.

At present, many street restaurants and chain stores in Shanghai have not opened digital RMB payment function. Most of the merchants opened underline are the convenience store supermarkets based on “Rosen”, “family” and “good”.

Many street shop owners told Yu Rui to consult what they didn’t understand what digital RMB and did not have banks to promote relevant business.

Even some of the merchants who have ideas for digital renminbi, such as Fuzhou Road “Manner” and “a little” branch, its owner said that due to the brand use agent model, the agent store manager does not have power to leave the headquarters privately opened the digital RMB collection Function, and its main audience is only focused on the 15-30 people aged 15-30, so even if you are interested, you can’t get it.

In contrast, convenience store supermarkets, public transportation, hospitals, etc., unlimited industries, unlimited age, and it has become the focus of this trial operation. The “Family” supermarket owner near People’s Square said that they have worked with banks to send coupons to promote digital renminbi, “Digital RMB collections are not very different from WeChat Alipay on the operation process, and how to open it. ? “

In the C-terminal, we interviewed users in different industries, including the restaurant clerk, Miss Huang, studied in Shanghai, Miss Li, who worked in the University of Economics and Trade, and Peng Post, working in CBD. Due to the difference in personal cognition, each person has a big difference in the views of the digital RMB.

Miss Huang, a restaurant, represents the ordinary “eat melon”. She said that the difference between digital RMB and WeChat Alipay is not identified, and the use of digital renminbi is not primary, and whether the use depends on the mass trend.

Dr. Peng, working in CBD, is very optimistic about the application prospects of the digital RMB, but he still thinks that Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods have formed a deep-rooted consumption habit in the user, and the short-term number of digital renminbi is not large.

Whether it is ordinary masses, or senior intellectuals, the “onlookers” attitude is selected for the digital RMB, may reveal the awareness of the masses, and also need government and banks more active promotion.

02 Commercial Bank Watching Dear

By visiting the ICBC, Agricultural Bank, Bank of Communications, China Bank’s four bank branches, we found: At present, although the central bank will send the task of promoting digital renminbi to each operational organization, it is not much. The four bank staff said that the current bank is also a visiting period. Most of the “Waiting for the Rabbit”, “passive” promotes digital RMB. The Bank of Fuzhou Road, pointed out that the current bank has not yet formed a valid KPI for promoting digital renminbi, but there is a pilot business of the “Shanghai First Food Shop” and “Family” to use the digital RMB to send coupons and The form of full reduction is promoted, and the traffic is brought about by the traffic performance of the merchant. The bank has also gained a natural “advertising position”, which can be described as a win-win situation.

The company’s employees also show that banks have not yet issued strict indicators of employees to promote digital renminbi, and China Merchants Merchants Bank currently also follows 8 pilot banks.

Most of the commercial banks take a viewing attitude, perhaps because of the potential huge impacts caused by the digital RMB on the banking system.

It is most important that when the digital renminbi gradually replaces M0 (circulation in cash), the commercial bank’s cash business and ATM and other cash tools will be eliminated. The customer’s store rate will decrease, and some employees will be possible to face. The risk of offline transformation lines, offline outlets may also be reduced.

Various features of digital renminbi also cause related chain reactions:

For example, offline payment will threaten bank transfer, credit card payment, cross-border payment, merchant acquisition and other traditional services;

Digital renminbi does not need to open the bank account and does not need the fees, which may cause personal customers to deposit the original bank in the bank’s cash or contribution to the digital wallet, which is convenient to use and transferred freedom.

Enterprise customers may also be partially lost due to the characteristics of real-time settlement, and they may be more willing to go directly through the digital wallet – central bank (government), the monthly employee salary of the original commercial bank.

The impact of digital RMB to the bank is obvious, and the benefits are also very obvious. For example, the customer’s real data generated by each scene will return to the hands of major commercial banks, facilitate bank fine customer portraits, custom personalized services, and will greatly enhance their judgment on anti-money laundering and credit risk.

Summary, the timing of digital renminbi is very important. It is too early to bring the bank to bring the bank, and have not digested to the public enough time, and too late, it may miss important historical development opportunities.

03 Digital RMB promotion is imperative

As early as 2020, the central bank said at the national monetary gold and silver and safety and security work TV conference, to strengthen the top floor design, unwavering the legal digital currency research and development.

Its biggest reason is – resist “US Dollar Hegemony”. Simply, in the case of the US dollar as a “world currency”, the United States can use the function of “World Currency” in the US Dollar, by triggering the US dollar, increasing government bonds, etc.

An important reason for forming US dollar hegemony is that the United States establishes and controls the International Monetary Bank Trading System – Swift. All international transactions in the world must pass the SWIFT system, and unusers will be difficult to conduct international transactions with other countries.

This means that the United States can use SWIFT unscrupulous to conduct financial sanctions, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, etc. Domestic prices are mad, and the people do not talk.

Today, China and the United States, China urgently needs to circumvent Swift build your own trading system, and disintegrate the US dollar hegemony.

“One Belt All Road” policy is a big countermeasure, one of its main purposes is to bypass the SWIFT system using RMB settlement, promoting the renminbi, has become the universal approval, settlement and reserve currency.

Nowadays, digital currencies that have been detrimental, synchronous, and zero-handed fees, will provide an important technical weapon for the “all-way”. The new digital currency settlement system has all the features of SWIFT. When the number of currency settlements established in it is large enough, it will be possible to truly replace SWIFT, providing strong support for large-scale dualization.

Currently, not only the renminbi is implementing digitalization, but also a “digital currency” wind. According to data, 42 countries have actively accelerated, including Russia, South Korea, United Kingdom. For example, the Chairman of the Russian National Duma Financial Market Committee, said that most Russians will use digital rubles in their daily activities in the next three years.

In addition to the national strategic level, digital RMB also brought a lot to consumers daily life. For example, real-time arrival, no fees feature characteristics, greatly improve transfer efficiency; the function of departing payment can avoid the unstable influence of the signal underline signal; more importantly, the central settlement system will be from the root Reduce the risk of consumer privacy.