Five encrypted currencies that need to focus on 2022

In the past 12 months, the encrypted currency field has existed a winner and loser. Winners will celebrate their latest historical high, but whether their success provides any clues, what are the encrypted currencies in 2022 worth paying attention?

The celebration does not necessarily continue, because the past is not a good indicator of the future price. Many factors can affect the success and failure of a currency, whether it is the scalability of its block chain or its loop supply. Here is 5 COINs worthy of continuing attention in 2022.

1, Solana

SOLANA was launched last year to solve the problem of its competitors. The new block chain is built as an extensible, user-friendly alternative, with low cost and high transactions seem to be a leader of investors and developers.

As the encrypted user and the developer find Solana’s block chains, the adoption rate increases rapidly. It is known as the best in 2021 performance block chains. John Dough said that because many people are moving to it, it may be an investment top-level encrypted currency. “I think most people migrate to Solana because they are looking for faster, cheaper trading with the world,” he said.

Although Solana’s construction is scalable, it has indeed a major problem earlier this year: September, Solana block chain is 17 hours. The official statement said that this is the reason for “reject service attack”.

In this attack, the robot filled the network, which allows Solana unable to handle and could not create new blocks. After 17 hours, Solana resumed normal operation and the transaction continued to handle it.

Despite the downtime, SOLANA (SOL) price has always been on August, and it has continued until this month. Sol is a local encrypted currency and launched below $ 1 last year. It began to climb in 2021, breaking through 100 dollars in August. The price continues to soar, as of December 8, the price is $ 188.21. Dough suggests that the price will rise again with the block chain continues to establish its user base. He said that if the encryption market is healthy, SOL can push it to 10 times the current price to rise to a $ 2,000 mark.

Solana has potential to become a widely used block chain and encrypted currency. Its application capacity, low cost and high transaction speed are a convincing purchase. However, as Dough pointed out, the block chain still has many errors, and there is no ability to comprehensively compete with the Taiwanese security network.


Ether Fang Name Service (ENS) is a utility and governance token, only launched last month. As the name suggests, it is a protocol and Currency running on the chain chain of the Email. At present, the wallet address is a string of large string numbers, it is difficult to remember, let alone share with other users. ENS enables users to name their wallets to simplify this process. For example, you can register the ENS domain crypttrader.eth or currency.eth. The user will be able to send encrypted currencies to the address and vice versa. The goal of ENS is to make the transaction process easier.

Dough has already encountered the problem that ENS is solving. He said: “I saw that many people made a mistake in the wallet address, and eventually lost a lot of money. Now, use the ENS domain as your wallet, you can avoid this.”

This is likely to flourish in the society driven by our social media. We use custom user names for most platforms, whether it is an email address, instagram login name or an Amazon account. Venmo and PayPal, etc. have already provided only the username that can be used to send this solution to the encrypted community.

We have seen the prosperity of the website domain market market, Dough believes that this utility can bring value for the login. ENS is a gauge that will allow the holder to make a decision on the network protocol. According to Dough, this “transforming into a prospects”, because these decisions will develop encrypted currency spaces and wallets.

The token reached a peak of $ 85.69 on November 11, currently in the adjustment phase, hovering at a level of $ 50. Predicting ENS may soared to $ 500 in 2022 and enter the top 20 encrypted currency.

3, Mana

In the past few months, Mana’s popularity and prices have soared. Many technology companies have announced that they have entered the Elementary Industry and provide a virtual reality of their users. Although Microsoft and Facebook and other companies are developing the software, but Based on the Equalian project DECENTRALAND has created a powerful metacular universe that makes the original coin MANA a competitor of top-level encrypted currency investment. Decentraland is a virtual realistic platform that creates an online world for its users, where they can buy land and avatars, and show off inequivities (NFT). This project is real innovation because it contains many other potential metacles that are hoped. Users can play games in virtual reality, create items and social.

Mana is mainly used in the transaction involved in the virtual world. The call is launched in 2017 with a price of $ 0.02, and only one dollar is exceeded at the beginning of this year. Since Facebook is renamed for Meta, the price of mana has been in a trend, and it is 3.74 in this article on the 12th.

4, yooshi

Unlike DECENTRALAND, Yooshi is a relatively unknown project in the field of encryption. This block-based project combines many key trends in the current encryption industry, including NFT, games, and mortgages.

As I suggested that it is implied, its native encrypted currency is not a pluric coin. The loop is based on the currency smart chain, there are many uses on the Yooshi platform. Users can use it to purchase NFT, or invested it into the liquid pool. Currently, there are more than 400,000 Yooshi holders.

Yooshi recently issued a lot of announcements, including Chikyu BAE, who hired Samsung game. BAE will serve as the CEO of Yooshi Labs. YOOSHI said in the essay: “Labs is a separate game incubator in the Web3.0 era, providing a perfect game design system and technical support for game developers.”

Dough expects Yooshi’s user groups and communities to grow in 2022. He said that this project is worthy of attention and may become a top encrypted currency in 2022 investment. But Yooshi is prone to problems with DECENTRALAND.


If there is no Equation, the top encrypted currency list will not be complete, and the Emperor is the first one is also one of the largest It proves its correlation in the area of ??the encryption again and again.

The Tanfront block chain is intended to be a supercomputer, allowing developers to create applications and intelligence contracts. Dough believes that with the continuous growth of encrypted currencies, the adoption of the Taiye is also increased.

He said: “If you look at the utility of encryption, DEFI, NFT, and Meet – All of this is mainly built around the Email Fang. This show you the powerful function of the Ether work and its potential to use.”

In 2022, it will be the Year of the Emperor Square, as it plans to transform from the proof of the agreement into equity certificates. The network hopes that this will solve the current high cost, scalability issues, and environmental impact of the block chain.

Almost have been proven to be safe or reliable. However, other block chains have already appeared, providing more scalable networks such as Solana. The new update of Tanfang may change this, but still needs to be observed.