Google established a distributed computing department to explore the block chain technology

ALPHABET Inc. (NASDAQ: Googl) Google is exploring zone chains and distributed books. The efforts to do for this latest venture capital will be conducted through Google Labs, which is Google’s business unit, accommodating various virtual and enhanced experiments.

SHIVAKUMAR VENKATARAMAN, Vice President of Google, was assigned to the distributed deployment department, which manages the department, focusing on the “block chain and other next-generation distributed computing and data storage technology”, which is only sporadic in contact with these technologies. Wenkatara has previously published research on Google Distributed Calculation Technology.

The newly ordered Google Lab “Founding Leader” will work with Google Vice President Clay Bavor, and the latter is also responsible for managing its incubator. According to Google, Bavor’s mission is to supervise the “long-term technical project” of its “core products and business” directly.

Previously, Google recently said that its consumer financial service department Google Pay is in harmony with its broader strategy, integrating its core services to encrypts currency companies such as Coinbase and Bitpay to achieve encrypted currency payment through digital cards.

In addition to consumer payment and newly established distributed computing departments, the cloud computing department Google Yun also cooperate with mature encrypted monetary companies such as the DAPPER LABS Web3 and NFTs, and the block chain and DEFI media network Cryptowire.

Google enters the latest strategy to encrypt the currency field, which can be seen as a competitor of its technology industry Meta Inc. (formerly Facebook), Twitter and Microsoft, have announced their respective coins and blocks. Action in the chain field, especially in the emerging field of metadata, has an influence. It is worth noting that Microsoft has recently announced the acquisition of moving blizzard at $ 69 billion, which is listed as the largest acquisition in the history of the game.

Google does not disclose any further details for its financial technology and encrypted currency. It has a large-scale transition in the industry in distributed computing technology, or whether its current efforts will be abolished again, but also to be observed, once Google has seen the feasible use of its large-scale adoption Sex will close the imperialism of its experiment.