How can I have?

How to pay? WeChat or Alipay?

When the cashier asked this question, will you let you answer?

WeChat, Alipay, Cash, Swipe … may soon, everyone will give another answer: Digital RMB (E-Chy).

From a small pilot pilot from August 2020, the digital RMB has been preheated for more than a year. Just on January 4 yesterday, the digital RMB (pilot version) App officially landed on Android’s major app stores and App Store.

How can I have?

First of all, it should be noted that although it has been officially launched, the digital RMB is still in the pilot stage. At present, there is only a view of Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi’an, Qingdao, Dalian and Winter Olympics scene. (Beijing, Zhangjiakou) launched a pilot, users outside the pilot area were temporarily unable to register and use.

Download and register

It may be because I just got it, the App Store currently searches “Digital Renminbi” is the search for the corresponding app, and you need to enter a full name “Digital Renminbi Pilot Edition”.

After downloading, you can start registration, and the app supports three languages, English, and English.

When registering, the App will remind registration of the current pilot range of the user and use the system positioning to determine if it is in the pilot area, so users outside the pilot area can only wait.

Open digital wallet

After the registration is successful, you need to open the digital wallet to use more services. The default is open is an anonymous wallet, follow-up if there is a need to upgrade.

Although there are still many operations supported by digital wallets, support work, farm, medium, construction, payment, postal, and investment. Seven major banks, and micro bank (WeChat payment), online business bank (Alipay) .

It is worth mentioning that in subsequent use, it will find some of the services provided by different operations of operations, and you can create 1 ~ 2 different operating institutions digital wallet. You can quickly distinguish multiple wallets quickly by setting the wallet name.


With a digital wallet, you must naturally install digital RMB in the wallet.

Click on the “charge package” of the digital wallet card page. If there is no mobile banking, it is necessary to choose “Bank Card Recharge”, but you must upgrade the wallet to a Class Wallet (see q & a)

If you have already opened a mobile banking, the phone has a corresponding bank app, and you can choose “From Mobile Banking”. The system will automatically jump to the bank APP terminal, and fill in the recharge amount.

Digital RMB, how to use it?

receive payment

The first is the basis for payment function.

In the APP home page, the decline is a collection code, fill in the amount, display the QR code to the payment party; slide to pay the money, you can open the small-free function.


Digital RMB transferred to the bank card, but it is necessary to upgrade the wallet level, and the four-level anonymous wallet is not supported.

However, it is not subject to level restrictions to other digital wallet transfer. Fill in the other party’s digital wallet account or digital wallet bound mobile phone number, support the attachment message. The system will automatically identify whether the other party wallet has real-name authentication, which helps users to determine if the transaction is safe.

Touch with a touch

Touching is a quick transaction that is based on NFC functions based on NFC functions.

Currently requested the Android, Apple to support the NFC function. Touching all touching online, offline two modes, can still be used in offline mode. Supporting the small amount of POS terminal in online mode.

However, by the system restriction, Apple mobile phone currently supports the label tag, which does not support the POS terminal and mobile terminal.

If it is two Android phones, after ensuring that the two sides are offline or online mode, the payment user sets the payment amount in the collection page, and the payment user can complete the payment page with the payment user’s mobile phone NFC area. Payment.


Different payments with Alipay, WeChat and other payments, you need to jump to the APP end, digital RMB support generates “sub-wallet”, push the wallet to merchants to make payment, and more convenient when paying.

The wallet is not pre-recharge, but a convenient payment method is created in the corresponding merchant. When creating, you can choose which digital wallet for use as payment wallet.

You can view specific support situations in the sub-wallet support merchant list. Because there is still in the pilot stage, the current supported merchants are not too much, and different merchants support project differences. So when you create a sub-wallet, pay special attention to the following aspects:

Regional limit:, for example, the box horses, currently only support the store in Shanghai area, such as Á¨ Á¨, buy B coins, iQiyi buy love Qiyi members all support Android side applicable scope: such as Jingdong , Only support buying Jingdong self-operated goods, do not support third-party shops

Of course, it is not necessary to use it if it is created, and it doesn’t matter if it is temporarily used. Open the corresponding sub-wallet after selecting “Remove the sub-wallet”.

Sub-wallet supports setting a single payment limit and day accumulated payment limit (seemed to find a good method for double eleven anti-chop.).

Taking Jingdong as an example, when paying entering the Jingdong cashier station, you can see the new “Digital RMB”, click to select the sub-wallet to use the digital RMB to pay. Q & A

1. What is the difference between Digital Renminbi and Alipay WeChat?

Simply, the digital RMB is “electronic version” of banknotes. The value of digital renminbi is equivalent to banknotes, which not only has the same economic value and legal status, but there are national credit as a support. Is “cash” that can be used online

According to the Central Bank Digital Money Research Institute, Mu Changchun, WeChat, Alipay and Digital Renminbi are not in a dimension. WeChat and Alipay are financial infrastructure, and the wallet is a wallet, and the digital RMB is a payment tool. It is the content of the wallet.

2. What does the “four types of anonymous wallets” created by default?

Digital RMB APP divides the wallet into the following four categories:

The four types of wallets created by default do not need to be real-name authentication, so “four types of anonymous wallets”. The four types of wallets have less permissions, such as bank card full of money, there is no authority.

Click on the wallet card on the homepage, select the “…”-upgrade wallet in the upper right corner, you can upgrade the wallet, and then unlock the corresponding transaction limit after the upgrade. Online upgrade only supports upgrading to two categories, three types of wallets, and a class of wallets need me to carry relevant materials to go online.

3. Can only recharge the bank corresponding to the digital wallet?

Although there is only nine banks that currently provide digital wallet services, after creating a digital wallet, it is not only possible to recharge the bank corresponding to the wallet. When using mobile banks to make money to digital wallet, there are dozens of banks available.

And the digital renminbi is inseparable

According to the central bank public data, as of June 30, 2021, the digital RMB pilot scenarios have exceed 1.32 million, covering life payment, catering services, traffic travel, shopping consumption, government service and other fields. Open a personal wallet of more than 208.7 million, more than 35.1 million public bags, more than 70.75 million accumulated transactions, and the amount is about 34.5 billion yuan.

In addition to the previous designated pilot scenarios, distributed chain catering companies such as Starbucks, Golden Arch, have already joined the digital RMB system, and began to promote in the national store.

Today, in one of the pilot cities, it is already able to see the number of renminbi in the payment method posted in front of McDonald’s door.

Friends outside the pilot area should not worry, with the promotion of the digital RMB, I believe that many places in more cities will have frequent digital renminbi.

For specific policies and interpretations, please see:

1. “Chinese Digital RMB Development Progress White Paper”

2. “Official Interpretation Digital Renminbi: It will coexist with banknotes”