How does the block chain pay in 2022?

Stephenpair said, Stephenpair said that the boom of block chains and encryption technologies generated in 2021 made the seeds of its bright development. He believes that 2022 encryption currency will receive more mainstream acceptance.

Summarizing 2021, there are more celebrities like Mark Cuban and Elonmusk, talking about encrypted currency (mainly dog ??currency), and payments like MasterCard and PayPal. Service enters this area. But in fact, the above propaganda is a good news for the block chain community because it means that the encrypted currency is becoming the mainstream and can be used by everyone.

Therefore, consumers not only ask merchants to accept encrypted currency payments, and many people are driving a wide range of books. This is not just a problem of Bitcoin. In 2021, dog dogs, Litcoin and Chai dog coins have been added to customers’ favorite currency lists. Algorand and Cosmos are also among the top of the currency lists that should be accepted next.

A recent survey of Pymnts found that 46 million consumpys plan to use encrypted currency to pay the merchant – this is only another reason for the merchant to assess the encrypted currency.

The survey also pointed out that encrypted monetary owners consider the top five things to buy. These include tourism and leisure, real estate, professional services, furniture and electrical appliances, and financial services. The retail industry sees encryption currency is used for daily purchases of food, tourism, electronics, and clothing, as well as online games and transactions. With the rise of Bitcoin, luxury goods become popular purchase projects, from the high-end car like Bugati, luxurious watch and jewelery, to Tawow’s ski hut, Manhattan apartment, and even luxury yachts.

When the merchant does not accept the encrypted currency, consumers have found other ways to use it to purchase. They will buy gift cards and recharge the encrypted currency debit card, and you can pay with Apple payment and Google. Consumers can receive anywhere in the world to consume anywhere, including online shopping and cash from the ATM.

In order to make it easier to consume the encrypted currency anywhere, through Verifone in the store, the capacity within the application or online is coming, because this telecom giant has been working with 74 collaborations in 100 retail brands in the world.

In fact, it is not only small merchants and large-scale retailers and household-known brands are exploring encryption payments, such as Apmex, Dallas Cello, Dish, Jomashop, Microsoft, New Egg, Pacsun, Sotheby, and In 2021, they all announced will increase or expand the encrypted monetary options. This also helps to encrypt the huge development of the monetary market. According to the same survey, consumers are expected to use encrypted currencies to purchase $ 55 billion in the next 12 months.

In addition, by accepting encrypted currency payments like BitPay, merchants can expand their customer base while avoiding influence of volatility of encrypted currency transactions. The ability to accepted encrypted currency will expand the business’s sales opportunity to new domestic and international markets that are not active in traditional credit cards. This is also a way to reduce high costs and improve payment transparency and efficiency.

In summary, for 2021, the goal of block chain payments is to make merchants easier to accept and make consumers easier to use encrypted currency. Looking forward to 2022, this technology or will continue to change the way companies and consumers send, receive and store money around the world.