How is the block chain technology applied in the aerospace industry?

Recently, professional services Network PricewaterhouseColid (PWC) analyzes several potential purposes in the space industry, including financing, Currency, purchasing, and satellite communications. In fact, the block chain is just a public transaction database shared in a network. It stores all transactions in the data block (block), then these data chains together, form a digital record of the transaction or data of encrypted verification. .

For example, the first loop release is possible to use the block chain to provide funds for the task of space investment “Golden Gold”, and some companies predict that this industry will become a trillion economy in 2040. Getting financing is one of the biggest obstacles of entrepreneurs, but block chain technology that promotes the replacement capital source of initial coin issuance (ICO) may help to relieve some of its capital restrictions.

The report of PricewaterhouseCoopers pointed out that only a few companies have achieved leading positions in the space block chain. CONSENSYS Space has created a block-based database to determine the location of the satellite. But as Spacex is launched by companies, we must avoid collision with debris, and this necessity is getting bigger and bigger. Other unique databases are owned by the US Air Force.

Satellite communication is an easy-to-understand application of the block chain, many infrastructure that supports larger space exploration is still under development. It may be proven to be a very practical application of the block chain. Considering that broadband companies (already a huge industry) rely on launching satellites to ensure their living capacity. A wide range of satellite contests are being conducted, including thousands of small satellites to provide high-speed Internet, which will easily support the transparency of the block chain, and help to mobilize the economy that is being established around these satellites.

In addition, Spacex or Jeff Beske, Spacex or Jeff, Besos, through Karman Line, inspired others to join the battle, in the first 50 years of space exploration, this area is limited to US countries Aeronautics and Space Agency and the European Union.

Test flight may spend millions of dollars, providing funding for such efforts will make people feel very hard, so it will make failure to become an organization’s true game. However, through the albinization, for many dreams that are previously crushed, the seemingly astronomical figure may soon be able to be realized.

If these funding issues are resolved through other capital structures and sources, think more about companies may have a chance to enter space. Exploring and understanding the dream of space may become a reality, making us all benefit.

The block chain may look like an abstract term like a new era, but it is one of the most influential tools for us to open space for us.

Transforming the supply chain, and how we can make money and pay from space exploration, it can make the target that cannot be implemented actually. Most likely, the use of block chains in space may exceed our understanding because we just touched the surface of its function.

How many people in us have to take a risk into space? The answer is still unknown, but though, this idea is exciting. Even if we don’t enter space, how many people in us may participate in space economy on a day? As we continue to create a new horizontal line for humans, I think this number is much bigger than most people.