How to create a music industry in block chain technology?

The world is rapidly developing, and the technology behind the music industry is also growing rapidly. In this area, the block chain is the lead with its incredible features such as NFT and intelligent contracts. In this incredible area, there are many players who are driving their development, but in this article, we want to focus on two: audius and revlator.

Audius – Digital streaming services built on the block chain

AUDIUS is a digital streaming service that links fans to artists and exclusive new music. It is achieved by completely detrimenting. Audius has a prosperous open source community with artists, fans and developers from all over the world. Audius allows artists to share the music from which they have never been heard and profit from the music stream. AUDIUS allows developers to build their own applications on a basis so that they can get one of the most unique audio directories.

At the same time, Audius is also a centered music app, and now there are 5 million users to make one of the first batch of truly successful Web3 applications for consumers. Since 2018, Audius has seen sustained organic growth, which is benefited from the marketing of community-driven.

Since AUDIUS is a detrimentary protocol, each user is also a owner. AUDIUS’s practical Currency provides a clear way to these owners to affect and change services to meet their needs. As a result, Audius has become a popular venue for artists such as DEADMAU5 and 3LAU, but it also provides an urgently needed havery, these music often have existing streaming music services and platforms. Ignore it.

Revelator – Leading Digital Asset Management Platform Based on the block chain

Revelate is a leading block chain-based creative intellectual property digital asset management platform that enables anyone to participate in a safe and powerful market. In addition, Revelate is also a unified data platform for asset management, supply chain management, business intelligence, financial reporting, terms, and payment assignments.

It is reported that REVELATOR’s Web3 infrastructure converts creative IP into digital assets, and provides a cutting-edge protocol for some ownership, intelligent contracts and music.

Just before, Revelator’s Original Works is composed to the Flow block chain. OriginalWorks is the leading Web3 protocol of music IP, converting music IP into digital assets, and connects traditional income pipes to chain protocols to enable artists to easily implement their IP monetization, and maximize the benefits of the entire combination.

REVELATOR thinks that one day, thousands of artists working with their customers will be able to benefit from the Original Works Web3 protocol, which will achieve efficient payment and better user experience. Flow is critical in these work because it simplifies the process of fast and safe to put the asset on the chain. Artists and rights will be able to cast, manage and sell digital collections from their artist wallets.

After several test items involved in publishing and performed, Revelate is introducing to its client group into the centering technology / block chain. According to the company, the system will be the most advanced B2B layer in the field of similar music, allowing millions of dollars to flow directly to the right to non-hosting wallet. Moreover, this solution is true from other future block chains and NFT solutions.

in conclusion

In summary, the row chain-based music rights management is not only feasible, but also makes the creators greatly benefit. Each version will use an intelligent contract to ensure that funds flow into the artist wallet in a few minutes, and its cost is lower than the traditional tax collection structure.