How to release city potential?Hong Kong Media: Block Chain Technology and Encrypted Currency Are Answers

The Hong Kong Asian Times website recently reported that the city’s self-birth is significant with the common future relationship with humans. The city is the engine of business, ideas, culture and innovation.

Even if the new crown epidemic causes economic recession, the city also shows an unremitting toughness, and plays an important leadership in the urgency of the world to promote human progress. Today, people need to rely on the city more than ever to solve climate change, trade globalization, political stagnation and other challenges.

Reporting believes that ensuring the best way in the city is competing for various challenges is to strengthen the city’s self-care ability. Block chain technology is an ideal tool to complete this task, but it has not been fully applied.

An article published by Titalik Buffip Buffein, is pointed out that block chain technology and encrypted currency can help cities better develop and help to improve their self-care level.

Buffalin believes that block chain technology can achieve governance innovation by ensuring information security. The former can not only directly store residential data, but also help to improve the efficiency of urban tax, resource allocation and crisis management.

Bujagin invoked the example of Habberg and other partition mechanisms to showcase how the block chain fundamentally changes the way the city’s operations. If a city can more efficiently, more reliably handle complex capital management issues, the stronger self-governance ability. The city has higher self-care ability will bring economic benefits to the whole society and even the world.

The report also said that the city has strong revolution, because the city’s legislative environment is often more flexible, and the former is particularly obvious in response to climate change. Due to the more flexible development of legislative structures, the government of many cities can launch more stringent laws and regulations than the central government in pollution standards.

However, this is to pay for, and the city also needs adequate income to continue to develop forward. Buffein said that encrypted currency is a catalyst for stimulating income.

The price of encrypted currency has increased significantly, highlighting investors’ huge interest in new currencies. Get a city supported encrypted currency, which can become an attractive security investment, and it can also meet the current market interest. After all, some encrypted currency named after the online dog expression can create millions of dollars in market value.

Eric Adams, the Mayor Eric Adam, announced not long ago, will receive his top 3 salary in the form of Bitcoin, indicating that he is warmly welcomed by the encrypted currency.

The report pointed out that if each city follows the development model proposed by Bunjie Forest, the income generated by the encrypted currency project can be put into solar energy, vertical agriculture, 3D printing and other tips. These technologies can improve the self-care ability of the city while ensuring that the city is always at the forefront of knowledge economy and climate change measures.

Bujagin is not in the empty talk. His idea has been put into action. In the Baltic Sea, Tallinn, Tallinn City uses block chain technology to create a complete digital government that can operate anywhere anywhere.

In various cities around the world, Dubai has one of the most ambitious block chain strategies. From gradually canceling paper to transfer all resident information to the block chain, Dubai is committed to building a block chain in the future more than 10 years ago. Dubai will have new progress every month in terms of using block chain technology to improve urban governance efficiency.

The report believes that the practice of Dubai is still lacking a measure, that is, create a local encrypted currency. The UAE is always cautious about encrypted currency attitude, which can be understood, but now it is time to change the view.

The UAE (especially Dubai) is one of the most trusted remittances in the world. As the funds from the UAE, the remittance transactions became a big business in the UAE, and the former is based on trust.

In view of the history of the past trusted, Dubai is very suitable for creating a local encrypted currency, and this encrypted currency will also contribute to other block chain projects in the country. This work can only be limited to Dubai, as well as part of the Emirates National Encrypted currency, after all, people have already discussed how to create a digital version of Digham, Digham. In Dubai (and Abu Dhabi) issued city currency, it can be one of the contents of the Emirates National Monetary Mode.

There are many potential benefits of these trends and obvious. Dubai will become the world’s first city with their own encrypted currency and will create a lot of income. As Dubai continues to build a knowledge economy, creating an encrypted currency will become a reasonable and necessary step in the long-term plan of Dubai.

To promote this cause in Dubai (or other places), you must launch a new discussion on the value of the encrypted currency.

In the past year, people have changed huge changes to the attitude of encrypted currencies, but the hesitation of new technologies still exists. From consumption of energy to illegal use, people have relieved various concerns about encrypted currencies.

For example, the production capacity of clean energy such as wind energy, solar energy is increasing, and the cost is declining, which reduces the impact of encrypted currency on the environment. The use of solar energy in the UAE provides energy for Dubai encryption money, will be a matter of course.

According to the report, the future is in the city, it is time to take out creative programs to ensure that the city continues to prosper development and promotes innovation.