How to unlock the myth of gender equality in the field of encryption

As a global and distributed industry, the nature of encrypted currency must provide more opportunities for all possible diversified people.

Encrypted currency is known as the “Boy Club” is not unpleasant: it is located in the intersection of technology and finance, continuing the “brothers culture” heritage encoded into Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Until 2020, Citigroup Bank was only appointed Jane Fraser to the first female CEO of the company. This is a milestone in the history of 200 years and the history of Wall Street. The first female leaders one of the largest banks in Wall Street.

At the same time, sexual harassment cases are flooded in the Technology Pioneer, such as Riot Games, the company suggests that women are not here. Just four years ago, the North American Bitcoin Conference reached a climax in a tether social activity in a tormed club in Miami. Although the organizers will regret, this story is only one of the many events that weaken in the industry in the history of encryption.

People have more views of the encrypted currency in men, which is clearly needed, which is commercially apparent. A inclusive encryption ecosystem not only expands its attraction to a broader audience, but more importantly, it helps to encrypt into mainstream. Although women do not lack interest or talents to encrypted currencies, the most fantwy encrypted currency traders and influential people talk to male audiences, just because these influential people are male. In fact, Cryptohead’s 2021 global 50 large-scale inclusive list is male, which is a symptom of severe gender representing due to complete absence of women.

Number is better than language

Female is still suffering from the problems of the legal financial ecosystems led by men, whether in terms of personal financial management, or in the promotion of the company. On the “Forbes” in 20021, 12 encrypted currency tycons are men. Although this may be due to the first advantage, the Morgan Datong District block items are currently responsible for Aprp Baldroe, because the media’s distortion report, the impact of women on the industry did not receive the public.

At the same time, the comprehensive support for women’s leadership project is less and less. In 2021, a female risk investment proportion declined for the second consecutive year, although the total financing level created a high historical high.

The reality is that encrypted currency is still an emerging industry, so everything including the human resources process is new, and the lack of diversity further deepens the industry’s neglect of the necessary workplace policy, these policies are best Support for women. With the discussion of gender differences in encryption, the solution must exceed the goal of achieving a diversity quota, but to begin from the recruitment phase, focus on ensuring equal opportunities and favorable work environments.

Why is it necessary to authorize every stage?

When critical female executives are appointed because of their expertise and industry performance, this is undoubtedly an encouraging signs that indicating that the impact of the encryption industry reduces the gender gap is true. It is the time when the industry admits and rewards women, rather than falling into lazy crying and celebrating diversity for diversity. Women are working on a variety of leaders and entrepreneurs in this field, to break the somewhere of the encryption field to be locked in the influence of the burner imprint, and more work must be done.

Representatives Generate representatives – in this industry, you will have a lot of help to encourage young women who want to enter this industry. However, if you want women to support every stage of Crypto career, you must take into account extensive and rooted gender inequality, these inequality limits their ability to succeed in work.

Women spend a global featuring time spent on non-salary care work is 2 to 10 times the male. This may include housework labor and take care of children, patients and old people – many companies underestimate these areas. First, give women greater flexibility and control of working hours, just a small step of success, and encrypted currency as a global and distributed industry, this flexibility is undoubtedly promoted.

However, the key to the success of the encryption industry is to achieve encryption as a commitment to social and financial freedom. It has the potential to redefine the financial industry in economic and culture, as it is a way of financial freedom, which can eliminate the old power structure of traditional financial industry. In addition to the basic idea of ??supporting the basic concept of encryption, and more women and more communities participate in this field, male, “I don’t understand.”

Creating a fair competitive environment for Pleura Finance

Encrypted currencies can provide a lot of services for people with insufficient financial services, and women are often more vulnerable than men in this field. Women account for 55% of the world’s non-bank account population, which means that nearly 10 billion women in the world have almost no financial security, and this is a problem that encrypts currency can help solve.

Of course, the anonymity of the block chain technology and the self-ownership provided by the DEFI, enabling encryption technology to become a lack of financial channels facing many women. I want to make a living, but social constraints limit your economic autonomy, even after you get wage? Encryption technology allows you to pay with Bitcoin (BTC), such as event people fereshteh forbor and roya mahboob help hundreds Afghan girl re-gains agency, these girls have barely control their finances. Want to start a business? Accept encryption payment – no husband. Go to center, eliminate discrimination

All techniques are designed in nature, which is also suitable for block chains. It doesn’t care about your age, gender, race or socioeconomic status. Overcome the prospects of systemic challenges, and the encrypted currency provides greater financial freedom and independence, but it is better.

In fact, 2021 will be a decisive year for female investors. From the encrypted trading application, when Robin is reported to increase 369% of female users, Cardify report, female by the total amount of Cryptocurrency deposits is more than 15%, which is significantly 5.6% from their research – it is obvious, women are increasingly understanding The potential to encryption is the right of financial instruments.

Everyone will benefit when women have financial freedom in a vulnerable community or require more financial freedom. In the end, whether women encourage women as an enlighten effective way for financial authorization or support the gender diversity of encryption industry, and the road in front is also a gender gap with the industry collective address encryption, and each person has been waiting.