In 2022, the prospective and acquisition of the acquisition and trend judgment

Ryanmcculloch said in an interview with Blockworks, in an interview with Blockworks, in an interview with BlockWorks, will continue until next year. He emphasized PayPal’s acquisition of Curv, and Curv is a digital asset security infrastructure provider based on cloud computing. According to the data of ArchitectPartners, this transaction announced in March, worth $ 200 million.

McCulloch said: “The acquisition of the wallet and safe payment wallet will be huge, and the large agency has a sustained demand. I think that most people in them are now making decisions, and its growth is so fast. They need to buy rather than build. “

Donald Putnam, the investment company, Donald Putnam, said that he expects regulators including the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to clarify the encrypted currency in the first quarter of 2022, followed by Half year adopts “clear action.”

Putnam tells BlockWorks: “This is the next trend of the road: Mainstream Infrastructure Suppliers – Global Banks and Exchange – Start to buy technology and market share by acquiring innovators. This second trend will have It is conducive to the exchange and deprive of banks, because the exchange and bank’s profitability and [P / E rate]. “

Accelerate mergers and acquisitions

McCullo pointed out that “Bridge Trading” – More Traditional Corporations and Encrypted Monetary Corporation – rapid acceleration in 2021. He added that in general, as of mid-December, there were 169 M & A transactions involving at least one company in the encryption currency field, and only 59 were only 520.

Nike announced earlier this month to acquire RTFKT, which is a company that creates virtual products and experiences, including NFTS. Trading platform Robinhi revealed on December 14th after a day, it will acquire CoveMarkets, which is described as a cross-exchange trading platform in an announcement to make it easier for people to manage their encrypted currency accounts.

McCulloch said: “Companies like Nike acquire NFT companies, Robinhiod and huge traditional companies to acquire these encrypted monetary companies. This is the place that truly value value, which promotes these crazy and crazy prices.”

In this year’s largest transaction – do not include trading involving special purpose acquisitions – Galaxy Digital acquired Bitgo at $ 1.2 billion. Galaxydigital CEO Mike Novogratz said in a statement at the time that the implementation of the acquisition of the managed institution was to create this digital asset bank to “one-stop service”.

According to Architect Partners, this year, other largest transactions include Polygon’s acquisition ($ 628 million), Northerndata ($ 575 million), and Siam Commercial Bank to Bitkub Capital Bank’s acquisition ($ 537 million).

Although Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scarramucci, he expects a big bank that is disappointed by the big bank that is disappointed by the development of financial development, but the encrypted monetary platform also has its own purchase. plan. Coinbase revealed in January this year that it will acquire the block chain infrastructure BisonTrails.

Other potential mergers and acquisition trends

The President’s Financial Market Working Group, the Federal Deposit Insurance Company and the Monetary Supervision Department released a report on stabilization currency and needs to supervise them in November. The report suggests that legislation should limit the release of stable coins as an entity as a protected institution, including the State and Federal Bank and Savings Association.

McCulloch believes that this means that banks will also focus on enhancing its ability to stabilize coins. He said: “We may see that stabilization will cooperate with banks, or banks will acquire those stable coins to achieve this goal. We have a customer in this range, I can tell you that every bank is interested “

McCulloch added that the big banks like Citibank have a year to pay $ 12 billion in income, which will seek to acquire stable coins publishers to maintain the healthy development of these services.

Janefraser, Citizen, Janefraser, told Yahoo Finance in October, and digital assets will become part of financial services and markets, and point out that the company is working hard to connect customers with wallets and enable corporate customers. Accept consumer payment. Citigroup also appointed a digital asset supervisor in November, and intended to fill up to 100 positions to support the digital asset capacity of the entire unit. But a spokesperson of Citigroup refused to comment on the company’s 2022 potential mergers and acquisitions.

McCulloch added that traditional financial companies will seek to increase their data capabilities in the encryption of currency.

MasterCard announced in September that it will acquire CipherTrace, an encrypted currency intelligence company, which provides “block chain tap” for approximately 150 banks, exchanges, financial institutions and regulators, involving more than 7,000 encrypted monetary entities.

Yue Yue, CBOE Global Markets agreed to acquire ERISX to enable it to enter digital asset spot and derivative market, including clearing and settlement. ArchitectPartners data shows that the transaction size is $ 400 million.

McCulloch was written in a research report, and ERISX focused on strong regulatory compliance throughout the development process, which is the main driving force for traditional financial companies such as CBOE.

Finally, when taking the transaction of MasterCard and CBOE, McCulloch commented: “The two acquisitions really prove that these big companies worth hundreds of dollars need to acquire this area … Seeing its development very funny.”