In addition to the ice pier, the Winter Olympics you can also “taste” digital renminbi

On February 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was held in the National Stadium. At the same time as the fire mascot ice pier, the digital RMB also became a large “flow” outside the opening stage.

The First Financial Reporter learned that during the Winter Olympics, Chinese residents and foreign friends can enjoy the mobile payment of small conveniences in terms of using rich digital renminbi products. For example, it is limited to Winter Olympics, and the Winter Olympics supports Visa and cash (physical renminbi and digital RMB) payment. For users who are accustomed to mobile payments, using digital renminbi can save the incapacity and trouble of finding cash, it also gives more payment options to China.

(Participate in the opening of the audience with digital RMB hardware wallet to buy souvenirs)

In addition, digital renminbi support touchs, sweeps the code payment, online purchase, etc., can easily achieve non-contact payment, can fully meet the Epidemic prevention requirements of Winter Olympics, help the Security Olympics, and its unique advantage.

From the digital RMB hard purse and soft wallet, the digital RMB hard wallet opened is very simple and convenient. Consumers can easily access the channels such as Bank of China, hard wallet self-help exchange, fixed-point hotel, and open digital RMB wallets. The digital RMB app in China can be downloaded from major application markets in China. Since the digital RMB’s bank account is loose, open the wallet does not necessarily need a bank account. If the consumer just wants to do everyday small consumption, only the mobile phone number can open the four types of wallets of any operator.

In addition, overseas Chinese people can apply hard wallets according to their own needs, or use overseas mobile phone numbers to open anonymous four-category wallet through the digital RMB app downloaded, cash or external card to exchange digital RMB.

(In the national stadium digital RMB desk consultation experience digital RMB audience)

Previously, the digital RMB APP has been put on the Chinese area (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in various mobile phone app stores, using Apple mobile phones to come to China, and register the Chinese Apple ID, you can search for digital renminbi and ecny by app store, find Download and installation of digital RMB APP; foreign countries who use Android phones can go to the official download page of the Digital Renminbi (Bank provides access to the QR code), download the installation package directly. Digital RMB APP supports nearly 100 Winter Olympics in the country and region mobile phone number registration and open wallet.

It is worth noting that “a sticker” function is added in the current digital RMB APP service. A user who has downloaded a digital RMB app, if you buy a winter wallet, it is conveniently “post a sticker”. The “post-sticked” function in the digital RMB app allows the soft and hard wallet “Internet”, and uses the hardware wallet on the mobile phone to make the hardware wallet safer. “Post a Post” can read the equipment loaded with the digital RMB hardware wallet. After opening the NFC function of the mobile phone, keep the hardware wallet with the mobile NFC area close, the mobile phone app can read hardware wallet information. After “post a sticker”, you can use the digital RMB APP to pay the password setting, balance and transaction detail, recharge, redemption, etc.