India issues a national strategy around the block chain around e-government

Recently, the Indian Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) issued a “block chain national strategy” (NSB) document for up to 52 pages to urge the government and the private sector to strengthen cooperation, in this world’s population National establishment of block chain infrastructure.

It should be pointed out that the current NSB file is an updated version of the file released earlier this year. According to this document, India hopes to develop a national block chain platform to further use the block chain in various departments. To this end, Meity wished to build a “National District Block Chain Framework” (NBF) because a “geographically distributed national shared infrastructure”, its node distribution in India, is the country from the block chain. Benefits necessary.

This document says the national block chain infrastructure will be used to provide block chain service. It added that the development of NBF will require cooperation between academic institutions, governments, start-up companies and industries. Initially, NBF will only be used in the field of e-government, and over time will transition to a broader use case.

The document pointed out that “describes the overall vision of the national block chain platform and the development and implementation of the strategy, covering the technical stack, legal and regulatory framework, standard development, cooperation, human resource development and potential use case.” It addresses that Meity will work with other ministries and other stakeholders to ensure that the strategy is implemented.

Although the document provides a wide view of the Hindu government’s block chain, it does not set specific targets or implement timetables. However, it is a guide to government and industry stakeholders. When the encrypted currency is under the supervision of the cloud, it also brings vitality to the block chain community in India.

Finally, the Encrypted Monetary Act in the India program has been included in the discussion agenda of this Assembly meeting, which has triggered a number of guessions that may be brought about by the draft. But the object of the bill pointed out that it is designed to prohibit all private encrypted currencies. The latest report shows that the government will supervise the encrypted currency as an asset, rather than prohibiting them, which injects a hopes in the encrypted currency community.